8 Rules to Follow When Choosing a Leather Shirt

8 Rules to Follow When Choosing a Leather Shirt

When you think of clothing that’s made of leather, what’s the first garment that comes to mind? If you answered jacket, you aren’t alone. Most people associate leather with jackets, and for good reason: leather jackets have been around for over a century (yes, they are that old), with some of the earliest styles originating during the World War I. Back then, leather jackets were worn by Air Force bomber pilots and crew members for warmth and protection. Leather is thicker and more insulated than cotton and other textile fabrics, making it an excellent choice for high-altitude flights.

Leather jackets are rarely worn for high-altitude warmth and comfort today, but they remain a popular choice of outwear among both men and women alike. Of course, there are other leather garments available as well, including shirts. Leather shirts offer many of the same attractive qualities and features as their jacket counterpart. This includes warmth, protection from the elements, comfort and style. But if you’re thinking of buying a new leather shirt, there are a few things you should know. For a list of 8 essential rules to follow when choosing a leather shirt, keep reading.


Rule #1) Go Genuine

The golden rule of choosing a leather shirt is to make sure it’s genuine. Just because a leather shirt looks and feels like it’s made of real leather doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. Faux (fake) leather is often used as a substitute to cut costs. While a shirt made of faux leather typically costs less than the real thing, it doesn’t offer the same attractive qualities as genuine leather. For this reason, you should skip the faux leather shirts and stick with the real thing.

Rule #2) Quality Matters

Another rule to follow when choosing a leather shirt is to make sure it’s high quality. Genuine leather is one indication of high quality, but there are other signs you should look for as well. Inspect the seams and stitching to see if they are frayed. If a leather shirt has frayed stitching, it’s low quality and thus should be avoided. A well-made shirt should have its stitching concealed and hidden from plain sight. And assuming you are buying the shirt in person, rub your hands across the surface. This will give you a better idea of whether or not it’s made using quality leather and craftsmanship.

Rule #3) Buy from Reputable Companies

Don’t make the mistake of buying a leather shirt from some fly-by-night company. Leather shirts sold by these companies often contain manufacturing flaws. And to make matters worse, you may not notice these flaws until you’ve already bought and worn the shirt, in which case it’s doubtful that you can return it. If you’re in the market for a new leather shirt, skip the fly-by-night vendors and choose a reputable company. One such company that sells only the finest quality leather shirts and goods is LeatherCult. Click here to shop through our wide selection of high-quality leather shirts.


Rule #4) Check the Fit

As with most garments, you should choose a leather shirt that’s properly fitted for your body. No two people have the exact same body shape and size. Therefore, some shirts may fit you, while others do not. Leather has many attractive qualities that simply aren’t found in other fabrics and textiles, such as superior warmth and insulation, softness and a unique look. One of the downsides to choosing leather, however, is the fact that it cannot be easily tailored. This is why it’s especially important to choose a leather shirt that fits. Double-check the size and measurements to make sure it’s correct before buying.

Rule #5) Choosing a Color

Leather shirts are available in dozens of different colors, ranging from traditional colors like brown and beige, to bold colors like red, yellow and green. So, which color should you choose? There’s really no easy answer to this question, as it depends on other factors like when you’ll be wearing it, what clothes you’ll be wearing it with, and your personal style. With that said, you really can’t go wrong with a black leather shirt. Black goes well with many other colors, meaning you can mix and match it with greater ease. Some people, however, may wish to buy two or more leather shirts in different colors. Feel free to experiment with different colors to see what works and what doesn’t.

Rule #6) What About Stripes?

Of course, another option is to choose a leather shirt featuring two or more colors in a stripe design. Horizontal stripes are a fun alternative to single-color shirts. This otherwise simple design adds a new dynamic to its appearance while also introducing an extra color. A black-and-white striped leather shirt, for instance, is an excellent color combination that’s perfect for leather shirts (or any shirt for that matter).

Rule #7) Check for Pockets

When shopping for a leather shirt, look to see whether or not it has pockets. If it does have pockets, look to see where they are located and how easily you can access them. A leather shirt with pockets in awkward, hard-to-reach locations isn’t exactly ideal. Even if it offers some aesthetic value, you won’t be able to easily use them. Therefore, you should choose a leather shirt with pockets in convenient and useful locations. Available exclusively here at LeatherCult, the Leather Top #57 is an excellent example of a well-designed leather shirt. As you can see, it features two pockets, one on each bottom-side, for convenient and easy access.

Rule #8) Check the Bottom

Last but not least, pay close attention to the bottom of any leather shirt that you are considering buying. Different leather shirts have different bottoms — and the bottom will affect both its look and function. The Leather Top #53, for instance, features a ruffled bottom. It’s a small and subtle design change that can really make a big impact on your appearance. Other leather shirts may feature a longer length. Regardless, you should also check the bottom when choosing a leather shirt.