Has Your Leather Jacket Lost Its Luster? Here’s How to Make It Shine Again

Has Your Leather Jacket Lost Its Luster? Here’s How to Make It Shine Again

It’s normal for a leather jacket to fade over the years. As you wear it, the sun will cause its color to fade. Some people actually prefer the appearance of faded leather jackets over their new, non-faded counterparts. They look more casual and broken in, making them a popular choice. Other people, however, prefer the original, untouched appearance of leather. If you fall under this category and want to restore the luster of your leather jacket, there’s hope on the horizon. With a little work, you can reverse the faded tone of your jacket to make it shine again.

Don’t Leave It in Your Car

What’s wrong with leaving your leather jacket in your car? Many men and women store their leather jacket in their car or vehicle so that they can easily wear it. While leaving your leather jacket in your car a single time won’t cause any immediate harm, it’s still something you should try to avoid. When left inside a car, your leather jacket may by exposed to sunlight, which will cause further fading. Even if your leather jacket isn’t exposed to direct sunlight, the humidity inside your car can damage and weaken the leather, allowing it to fade more quickly. To make your leather jacket shine again, don’t store it in your car. Instead, take your leather jacket indoors when you are finished wearing it.

Use Baby Oil… But Only Sparingly

Baby oil has hundreds of amazing uses, one of which is to revitalize the luster of faded leather. Also known as mineral oil, baby oil is a gentle moisturizing oil that works well on leather. To restore the luster of your leather jacket, pour a small amount of baby oil on a clean washcloth and massage it into the surface of your jacket. You’ll want to ensure that every square inch of your leather jacket is covered with a small amount of baby oil. If you see any buildup of baby oil, use a separate washcloth to remove it. The key thing to remember is that a little baby oil goes a long way with leather jackets. Using too much will oversaturate your leather jacket to the point where it looks soaked. But if you only use a small amount, you’ll restore the luster of your leather jacket without oversaturating it.

Clean It With a Damp Washcloth

Cleaning your leather jacket doesn’t just improve its appearance; it can also help to restore its luster. Over time, dirt, dust and debris will settle on the surface of your leather jacket. This generally won’t damage your jacket, but it can leave your jacket looking dingy and faded. A solution is to clean your leather jacket with warm water and a washcloth.  If it’s only slightly dirty, this should suffice. And for stronger cleaning power, add a small amount of liquid laundry detergent. By cleaning your leather jacket at least once a week, you’ll create a lustrous appearance.

Keep It Away From Heat Sources

Try to maintain a safe distance away from all heat sources when wearing a leather jacket. Whether it’s a fireplace, portable heater or even the stove, heat sources such as these can damage your leather jacket. When exposed to heat, some of the moisture in your leather jacket will evaporate. If enough moisture evaporates out of your jacket, it will create a faded, non-lustrous appearance.


Don’t Dye It

You may assuming that dyeing your leather jacket is an effective way to restore its luster. While most traditional clothes and garments can easily be dyed, leather cannot. It requires a special type of dye, as well as a unique dyeing process. If you don’t dye it correctly, your leather jacket will have an artificial, uneven tone that takes away from its otherwise attractive characteristics. Therefore, it’s best to err on the side of caution by not dyeing your leather jacket. Even if you find leather dye for sale, the process is simply too complicated for most individuals.

Use Leather Restoration Product

There are leather restoration products that can assist in revitalizing the luster of your leather jacket. They usually consist of soap or wax that’s applied over the surface of a leather jacket or other leather garment. Leather restoration products aren’t designed for regular, ongoing use, however. They are only designed for one-time use, meaning you shouldn’t use them on a regular basis. If you follow the directions, just a single application of a leather restoration product should restore your jacket’s luster. Just remember to apply the restoration product evenly and thoroughly throughout your leather jacket.

Keep It Moist and Hydrated

It’s important that you keep your leather jacket moist and hydrated. Allowing your jacket to dry out will result in a more faded appearance. This is actually the single most common reason that leather jackets lost their luster. But the good news is that you can prevent your leather jacket from drying out by following some basic steps. First, make sure your leather jacket is stored in a climate-controlled environment. As mentioned earlier, the inside of a car is too humid for leather jackets. This also applies to basements, attics and even self-storage facilities. Second, use a leather conditioning product on your jacket. Conditioning products don’t necessarily clean leather, but rather they hydrate it with water and other essential compounds.

Replace It With a New, Higher-Quality Leather Jacket

When all else fails, you can always replace your faded leather jacket with a new, higher-quality leather jacket. High-quality leather jackets, such as those sold here at LeatherCult, are less likely to fade and lose their luster than low-quality leather jackets. If you order your leather jacket from us, you can also take advantage of custom sizing at no additional charge. Most other stores sell leather jackets in predetermined sizes, such as small, medium and large. At LeatherCult, though, we sell leather jackets in custom sizes so that you can get the perfect fit with each order.