How to Choose a Suede Leather Jacket

How to Choose a Suede Leather Jacket

Are you looking to buy a suede leather jacket? Like all leather jackets, they offer a timeless style. You can wear a suede leather jacket for countless years while taking advantage of its stylish appearance and comfortable yet durable construction. Suede leather jackets, however, offer a modern take on this otherwise classic form of outerwear. When shopping for a suede leather jacket, there are several things you need to look for.

What Is a Suede Leather Jacket?

A suede leather jacket is a type of leather jacket that features a layer of suede. The suede is typically applied to the exterior of the jacket. Suede leather jackets are still made of traditional, real leather; they simply feature a layer of suede over the real leather.

Many people assume that suede is the same as leather. While they both consist of animal hide, though, they are two different types of fabrics. Suede is a thin and fuzzy fabric that comes from the underside of animal hide. In comparison, leather is a thicker and less-fuzzy fabric that comes from the outer layer of animal hide. Suede leather jackets are made of both of these fabrics. They feature real leather with a layer of suede.

High-Quality Leather

If you’re going to buy a suede leather jacket, you should consider the type of leather from which it’s made. Suede leather jackets aren’t made exclusively of suede. While they feature a layer of suede, they are still made of real leather. With that said, some suede leather jackets are made of higher-quality leather than others.

You’ll get more use, as well as value, out of a suede leather jacket made of high-quality leather. High-quality leather is softer, suppler and more durable than low-quality leather. You can find suede leather jackets made of napa leather, for example. In terms of quality, napa leather comes out on top. It’s regarded as the highest-quality type of leather on the market, making it an excellent choice for suede leather jackets.

Versatile Style

In addition to featuring high-quality leather, you should choose a suede leather jacket in a versatile style. There are different styles of suede leather jackets. Biker, for instance, is a style that’s synonymous with motorcycle jackets. You don’t have to necessarily ride a motorcycle to wear a biker-style suede leather jacket. Rather, biker-style suede leather jackets can be worn by anyone thanks to their versatility.

Alternatively, you may want to choose a blazer style. Suede leather blazers are versatile as well. As you may know, a blazer is a semi-formal jacket. It’s less formal than a suit jacket but more formal than a sports coat. Some blazers are made of cotton or wool. Other blazers are made of suede leather. Regardless, both biker- and blazer-style suede leather jackets are versatile. You can’t go wrong with either of these styles.

Cohesive Color Combination

When choosing a suede leather jacket, make sure it has a cohesive color combination. Suede leather jackets often feature multiple colors. While some of them only have a single color, others have two colors. The latter will typically feature a primary color as well as a secondary color. If you’re going to buy a suede leather jacket with multiple colors, you’ll need to ensure the colors are cohesive and don’t otherwise clash with each other.

A cohesive color combination means that the colors in the suede leather jacket flow together naturally. There are certain colors that clash with each other. If a suede leather jacket features clashing colors, it may look awkward when worn. You can avoid this problem by choosing a suede leather jacket with a cohesive color combination.

Popular color combinations for suede leather jackets include the following:

  • Brown and navy
  • Black and white
  • Red and white
  • Gray and black

Functional Pockets

Another feature to look for when choosing a suede leather jacket is functional pockets. Pockets are an invaluable feature. For starters, they’ll provide you with a place to store and carry small items. You can use the pockets on a suede leather jacket for countless items, such as car keys, cash and even your smartphone. You can also use the pockets to keep your hands warm.

You’ll probably wear your suede leather jacket when it’s cold outside. While they can be worn year-round, suede leather jackets offer the greatest utility during the cooler months of the year. Assuming your suede leather jacket has pockets, you can place your hands inside of the pockets to keep them warm. But to take advantage of these benefits, you must choose a suede leather jacket with functional pockets.

Premium Buttons

Don’t forget to check the buttons when choosing a suede leather jacket. All suede leather jackets have buttons on the front. The quality of these buttons, though, may vary.

Cheap buttons are more likely to damage than premium buttons. If you choose a suede leather jacket with cheap plastics, they may not last. The buttons may become loose, or they may fall off altogether. By choosing a suede leather jacket with premium buttons, this isn’t a concern. Premium buttons are made of high-quality materials to achieve a long-lasting construction.

Go With Custom Sizing

For the best possible look, go with custom sizing. Custom sizing is a form of personalization. When you order a custom-sized suede leather jacket, it will be personalized based on your body measurements. The end result is the perfect fit. Your suede leather jacket will fit perfectly if you go with custom sizing.

Most stores don’t offer custom sizing for their respective jackets. When you buy a jacket, you’ll typically be limited to choosing a generic size. Fortunately, LeatherCult offers custom sizing on all of our jackets, including suede leather jackets. You won’t have to pay extra for it. You can specify your body measurements when ordering a suede leather jacket. With custom sizing, you’ll get a suede leather jacket that’s designed specifically for your body.