Leather Leggings vs Leather Pants: What’s the Difference?

Leather Leggings vs Leather Pants: What’s the Difference?

Leather leggings and legging pants are on the rise. They’ve become two of the most popular types of leather trousers on the market. With leather leggings or leather pants, you can take advantage of their stylish appearance and comfortable leather construction. While they may look similar, though, they aren’t exactly the same. Leather leggings and leather pants differ in several ways. By understanding how they differ, you can choose the right type for your fashion needs.

What Are Leather Pants?

Leather pants are trousers consisting of leather. You can find them in different colors and patterns. Some leather pants are brown, whereas others are black or red. There are even leather pants with two or more colors. Regardless, they are all trousers made of leather, which is tanned and processed animal hide.

Some of the most common styles of leather pants include the following:

  • Leather jeans
  • Leather capris
  • Laced leather trousers
  • Leather biker pants

What Are Leather Leggings?

Leather leggings are close-fitting — and usually semi-elastic — trousers made of leather. They are available in many of the same colors and patterns as leather pants, and they are also made of leather. Some people, in fact, consider leather leggings to be leather pants. While both garments share a similar appearance and construction, however, they have a few differences. So, how do leather pants differ from leather leggings?

The Age

Leather pants have been around for a longer length of time than leather leggings. It wasn’t until the past few decades when leather leggings emerged. In comparison, leather pants are many centuries old. Leather has been used in the construction of pants, along with other common garments, for hundreds of years. Leather leggings, conversely, are newer.

Today, leather pants and leather leggings are both popular. They are sold at countless stores, both locally and online, throughout the world. Nonetheless, leather pants are older than leather legging. The former is a traditional type of leather garment, whereas the latter is a newer and more modern type of leather garment.

The Fit

Aside from their age, one of the main differences between leather pants and leather leggings involves how they fit. As previously mentioned, leather leggings are characterized by a close-fitted design. This means they sit close against your body when worn. Leather leggings will essentially hug your waist and legs, resulting in a close fit.

Leather pants may or may not have a close-fitted design. Like jeans, they are available in different designs. Some leather pants have a baggy or loose-fitted design. Other leather pants have a close-fitted design similar to that of a typical pair of leather leggings. Leather leggings are different in the sense that they are only available in close-fitted designs. You won’t find any leather leggings that are baggy or otherwise fit loosely when worn.

The Material

Contrary to popular belief, leather pants and leather leggings typically aren’t made of the exact same material. In most cases, they are made of different types of leather, which is responsible for their unique characteristics.

Leather pants are typically made entirely of real leather. Napa leather, for instance, is commonly used in the construction of leather pants. Pants made of napa leather are soft, gentle and long-lasting. Leather leggings, on the other hand, are typically made of real leather along with an elastic material. Some of them are made of the same napa leather that’s used in leather pants. The napa leather, though, is mixed with an elastic material. When these two materials are mixed, it creates a new type of leather known as stretch leather.

Stretch leather is used to make leather leggings. This alternative material features real leather and an elastic material. With an elastic material, stretch leather lives up to its namesake by offering a stretchy construction. This allows leather leggings to sit close against your body when worn — all while offering a high level of comfort.

Stretch leather is synonymous with leather leggings. It’s similar to the stretch denim used in the construction of stretch jeans. Stretch leather features and elastic material, such as polyester or lycra, that makes it stretchier and more elastic.

The Look

From an outsider’s perspective, leather pants and leggings look the same. With that said, there’s a slight difference in their appearance. Leather pants look baggier than most leather leggings. This is because leather leggings are designed to fit close against your body when worn, whereas leather pants may feature a different fit.

You can choose either leather pants or leather leggings in just about any color. Leather can be dyed to achieve different colors. Most leather, of course, is brown or black. Brown and black leather is often used to make pants and leggings. But that doesn’t mean they are the only colors in which these leather garments are made. Maybe you prefer red, or perhaps you want blue. Regardless, leather pants and leather leggings are available in countless colors. Leather can be dyed to achieve a particular color, after which it’s used to make a pair of leather pants or leather leggings.

Choosing Between Leather Pants and Leather Leggings

After reading this, you might be wondering whether to choose leather pants or leather leggings. Leather pants and leather leggings are similar. They are both made of real leather, and they are both available in similar colors and patterns. Leather leggings are simply a special type of leather pants that are defined by their construction of stretch leather.

There’s really no wrong when choice regarding these two types of leather pants. Some people prefer leather pants, whereas others prefer leather leggings. The most important thing is that you choose a style in which you are comfortable and confident wearing. Leather pants are somewhat are more versatile since they are available in both close-fitted and baggy designs. But leather leggings offer a particularly comfortable fit because they are made of stretch leather.