The History of Leather Motorcycle Jackets

The History of Leather Motorcycle Jackets

Leather jackets have become synonymous with motorcycle apparel. When driving down the highway, you may see motorcycle riders wearing a leather jacket. These leather motorcycle jackets have been around for over a century. And during that time, little has changed regarding their general construction and appearance. Leather motorcycle jackets are still made of premium leather, and they are still made in the same classic styles as those in the past. For a better understanding of the history of leather motorcycle jackets, keep reading.

What Is a Leather Motorcycle Jacket?

A leather motorcycle jacket is a form of protective outerwear consisting of a real leather jacket that’s designed for use by motorcycle riders. Riding a motorcycle, of course, requires certain forms of protective gear to minimize the risk of injury. In any given year, over 100,000 people are injured while riding a motorcycle. Some of these injuries are minor are consist of nothing more than scrapes or bruises. Others are more severe and consist of broken bones, road rash and other major injuries. Leather motorcycle jackets are designed to reduce the risk of certain minor injuries.

Based on the appearance, leather motorcycle jackets look like most other traditional and classic leather jackets. They feature a uniform design in a common color, the most common being black. With that said, leather motorcycle jackets have a few features that distinguish them from the rest. For starters, they are often thicker than traditional and classic leather jackets. Leather motorcycle jackets are constructed of thick leather that offers a higher level of protection against physical injury than those made of thinner leather and other thinner materials.

Most leather motorcycle jackets also have a zipper on the front. In comparison, traditional and classic leather jackets are available with either a zipper or buttons on the front. With a zipper, you can fully close the front of a leather motorcycle leather jacket. This isn’t possible with leather jackets that have buttons on the front.

Origins of Leather Motorcycle Jackets

Research shows that leather motorcycle jackets originated in the early 1900s. In 1913, two brothers, Irving and Jack Schott, launched a clothing store known as Schott NYC. It’s believed that this store was one of the first places to sell a leather motorcycle jacket.

The brothers released a specific brand of leather motorcycle jackets at their store in 1928. Known as Perfecto, it consisted of real leather jackets that were designed primarily for use by motorcycle riders. The Perfecto motorcycle jackets were made of real leather and featured a zipper on the front. More importantly, perhaps, they were designed to withstand heavy use without degrading or otherwise succumbing to damage.

Shortly after launching their Perfecto line of leather motorcycle jackets, the Schott brothers sold it to the iconic motorcycle company Harley Davidson. It didn’t take long until motorcycle riders across the country, as well as the world, began wearing these leather jackets. Some of them wore the Perfecto leather jackets, whereas other motorcycle riders wore different brands of leather jackets made by different companies.

Leather Motorcycle Jackets Today

You can still find leather motorcycle jackets sold and worn today. Since their origins dating back nearly a century ago, little has changed regarding their basic design. They are still made of real leather, and they are still designed with a high-quality zipper on the front. Nonetheless, leather motorcycle jackets have gone through a few notable changes.

When compared to those made and worn in the past, leather motorcycle jackets today are available in more colors. You aren’t restricted to choosing one in black. Black is, in fact, the most popular color in which leather motorcycle jackets, but it’s not the only color. Other common color in which leather motorcycle jackets are made include brown, red, green, olive, white and even blue.

Another difference between leather motorcycle jackets manufactured in the past and those manufactured today is that the latter are available in more styles. Styles were somewhat limited in the past. Early leather motorcycle jackets were limited to just a few basic styles. While you can still find leather motorcycle jackets in these basic styles, you can now choose from dozens of alternative styles.

The Marc Marquez Leather Jacket, for instance, features the same style as worn by the famous Spanish Grand Prix road racer of its namesake. Marquez has over a half-dozen Grand Prix championships, making him one of the most successful motorcycle riders of all time. You can find leather motorcycle jackets in the same style as those worn by Marquez.

Tips on Choosing a Leather Motorcycle Jacket

With so many styles available, how do you know which leather motorcycle jacket to choose exactly? When choosing a leather motorcycle jacket, take a moment to inspect the material from it’s made. Not all leather motorcycle jackets are made of the same material. Some of them are made of high-quality leather, whereas others are made of cheaper and lower-quality leather. There are even some leather motorcycle jackets that are made of faux leather, which isn’t actually real leather.

Like with all leather jackets, leather motorcycle jackets are available in different sizes. Since you’ll probably be wearing it while riding a motorcycle, you should choose one in the right size. You can’t expect a leather motorcycle jacket to provide a high level of comfort unless it fits. If it’s too small, it may prevent you from bending or moving your body. If it’s too big, conversely, it may fit loosely while creating excess and baggy material.

You can avoid these problems by choosing a custom-sized leather motorcycle jackets. Custom sizing means that it will be personalized according to your body measurements. When you order a custom-sized leather motorcycle jacket, you can submit your body measurements. These measurements will be used to personalize your leather motorcycle jacket so that it fits perfectly and without being too small or too big.