Vintage Leather Dresses: Everything You Need to Know

Vintage Leather Dresses: Everything You Need to Know

Not all leather dresses feature a modern style; some of them feature a vintage style. They are still made of real leather, but vintage leather dresses offer a traditional, timeless appearance that’s not found in their modern counterparts. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, you may want to choose a vintage leather dress.

An Introduction to Vintage Leather Dresses

Vintage leather dresses are full-body one-piece garments consisting of a skirt and a top. As their name suggests, they are made of leather. Vintage leather dresses simply feature an aged style.

The term “vintage” refers to a period that’s at least several decades old. Vintage leather dresses aren’t necessarily old, nor are they preowned. Rather, vintage leather dresses project a style that’s been around for at least several decades. The styles in which vintage leather dresses are made aren’t new. Rather, vintage leather dresses are characterized by the use of old styles — especially those that are at least several decades old. Vintage leather dresses aren’t necessarily old, but they do feature old and traditional styles.

Modern vs Vintage Leather Dresses

There are modern leather dresses, and there are vintage leather dresses. What’s the difference between these two types of leather dresses exactly? Modern leather dresses feature a new or relatively new style. Vintage leather dresses, on the other hand, feature a vintage style.

Regardless of the material from which they are made, all dresses feature a style. The style is the combination of colors, patterns, textures and other visual elements that define the appearance of a dress or garment. Modern leather dresses feature a new or relatively new style. Vintage leather dresses feature an old or vintage style.

Common characteristics of vintage leather dresses include the following:

  • Made of leather
  • Medium to long length
  • Semi-distressed appearance
  • Classic color

Reasons to Choose a Vintage Leather Dress

With a vintage leather dress, you can create eye-catching outfits with little effort. You won’t have to try and piece together multiple garments that match each other. Rather, you can rock a vintage leather dress by itself. You’ll still have the freedom of accessorizing it, but vintage leather dresses look amazing when worn by themselves.

Assuming you choose a vintage leather dress made of real leather, you can rest assured knowing that it will be comfortable to wear. Real leather garments are soft, supple and gentle on the skin. The same can’t be said for synthetic materials, many of which are scratchy and uncomfortable to wear.

Most women will agree that vintage leather dresses are more versatile than modern leather dresses. Little black dresses, for instance, are available in leather. Little black dresses consist of a vintage style that involves an all-black appearance. They’ve been around for several decades, making this all-black appearance a vintage style. You can wear a little black dress in most of your daily outfits.

If you own a leather jacket, you may want to invest in a vintage leather dress. Leather jackets look amazing when worn with other leather garments, including vintage leather dresses. You can wear a leather jacket over a vintage leather dress. Doing so will essentially result in a layered outfit. The leather jacket will cover your arms while keeping you warm and comfortable if it’s cold outside. Once the weather warms up, you can take off the leather jacket.

Like most other leather garments, vintage leather dresses are wrinkle resistant. You can wear a vintage leather dress all day long without fear of it becoming wrinkled. Leather is known for its wrinkle-resistant properties. As long as your vintage leather dress is made of real leather, it shouldn’t develop wrinkles. The wrinkle-resistant properties of vintage leather dresses make it easy to maintain.

What to Look for in a Vintage Leather Dress

You should look for a real leather construction when shopping for a vintage leather dress. There’s no substitution for real leather. While dresses made of faux leather may cost less, they lack the attractive appearance and properties of real leather dresses. Some vintage leather dresses are made of real leather, whereas others are made of faux leather. Of those two materials, real leather outperforms faux leather in nearly every way. If you’re going to spend your money on a vintage leather dress, you should look for a real leather construction.

Vintage leather dresses typically feature shoulder straps. Shoulder straps, of course, are bands of leather material that wrap over the shoulders when worn. They will essentially hold the leather dress up on your body. You should consider the way in which the shoulder straps are designed when shopping for a vintage leather dress. Some vintage leather dresses have narrow shoulder straps, whereas others have wide shoulder straps. There are even some strapless vintage leather dresses.

Vintage leather dresses are available in different colors. Most of them feature a classic color, such as gray, brown or black. With that said, vintage leather dresses are available in many other colors. Maybe you prefer red, or perhaps you want green. You can find vintage leather dresses in dozens of colors.

You may discover that some vintage leather dresses have pockets. Pockets aren’t exclusive to pants; many dresses have pockets as well — and vintage leather dresses are no exceptions. They may feature two small pockets on the sides. You can use these pockets to carry small items, or you can use them to keep your hands warm in cold weather. Regardless, you may want to look for pockets when shopping for a vintage leather dress.

Don’t Forget the Size

One of the most important things to consider when shopping for a vintage leather dress is the size. For a flattering appearance, it needs to fit your body. Choosing a vintage leather dress that’s too big or too small for your body will result in an awkward appearance. Fortunately, you can avoid sizing problems such as this by ordering a custom-sized vintage leather dress.