What Is a Scalloped Leather Skirt?

What Is a Scalloped Leather Skirt?

As the weather begins to warm, you may want to trade in your long-length pants and trousers for shorter garments. A scalloped leather skirt is the perfect choice. Scalloped leather skirts are lower-body garments made of real leather. They aren’t the same as standard leather skirts, however. With their unique shape, scalloped leather skirts stand out while offering a higher level of aesthetics. What is a scalloped leather skirt exactly, and why should you include it in your outfits?

Overview of Scalloped Leather Skirts

A scalloped leather skirt is a type of skirt that features a scalloped shape. In other words, they are characterized by the presence of curved sides. The sides of a scalloped leather skirt aren’t straight. While you can find scalloped leather skirts in different styles, nearly all of them have curved sides.

Scalloped leather skirts receive their namesake from the bivalve mollusk, scallops. Scallops are mollusks that live in the ocean. Scallops, of course, have shells. If you inspect the shell of a scallop, you’ll notice it’s curved. Scalloped leather skirts share this same curvature. They are curved on the sides to reflect the natural curvature of a scallop’s shell.

Standard Leather Skirts vs Scalloped Leather Skirts

There are other types of skirts made of leather. When comparing a scalloped leather skirt to a traditional and standard leather skirt, though, you may notice several differences.

The biggest difference between standard and scalloped leather skirts is the shape. Standard leather skirts typically have a rectangular shape. They have straight sides that come together to form a rectangle. Scalloped leather skirts, on the other hand, have a scalloped shape. Instead of straight sides, scalloped leather skirts have curved sides, which are synonymous with ocean-dwelling scallops.

You can typically identify scalloped leather skirts by looking for the following features:

  • Curved sides
  • Scalloped shape
  • Smooth surface
  • Leather construction

Benefits of Scalloped Leather Skirts

With a scalloped leather skirt, you can create attractive outfits that make you stand out. Scalloped leather skirts offer a more uniform design than their standard counterparts. Scalloped leather skirts aren’t baggy or otherwise loose-fitted. Rather, they are designed to hug your lower body. The end result is a uniform design that looks amazing.

A scalloped leather skirt will help you stay cool and comfortable during the warmer months of the year. You can find them in different lengths (see below). Nonetheless, scalloped leather skirts are shorter than traditional pants and trousers.

Another reason to include a scalloped leather skirt in your outfits is the ease of maintenance. They are easy to maintain. Because they are made of leather, scalloped leather skirts don’t require washing each time you wear them. You can wear the same scalloped leather skirt multiple times. And even when it’s dirty, you can typically spot clean it rather than washing it.

Look for Real Leather

If you’re going to invest in a scalloped leather skirt, you should check to see what type of leather it’s made of. Scalloped leather skirts made of real leather will almost always outlast those made of faux leather.

Some scalloped leather skirts are made of real leather, whereas others are made of faux leather. Faux leather is just another name for artificial leather. Scalloped leather skirts made of faux leather aren’t made of real leather. Instead, they are made of a synthetic material that’s designed to look like real leather.

The only real advantage of choosing a scalloped leather skirt made of faux leather is the cost. They tend to cost less than real leather skirts. With that said, faux leather is weaker than real leather. It doesn’t have the same strength and durability as real leather, nor does it have the same supple texture. For the greatest value, look for real leather when choosing a scalloped leather skirt.

Consider the Length

You should consider the length when choosing a scalloped leather skirt. Some women assume that all scalloped leather skirts are short, but this isn’t necessarily true. While many scalloped skirts are relatively short — most of them stop around the thighs or slightly above the knees — you can’t find them in different lengths.

There are scalloped leather skirts in mini, midi and maxi lengths. Mini scalloped leather skirts are the shortest. Mini scalloped leather skirts are slightly longer, with most of them extending several inches past the knees. Maxi scalloped leather skirts are the longest. Regardless, you can’t choose a scalloped leather skirt without considering the length.

What Color Should You Choose?

You might be wondering what color to choose for a scalloped leather skirt. Scalloped leather skirts are available in dozens of colors. Most of them are made of real leather, which can be dyed in just about any color. As a result, scalloped leather skirts are available in nearly every color under the rainbow.

When in doubt, you may want to choose a scalloped leather skirt in a traditional color like brown or black. Brown and black are two of the most popular colors for all types of leather garments. With a brown or black scalloped leather skirt, you’ll be able to wear it in most of your outfits.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with choosing a scalloped leather skirt in a different color. For a brighter and bolder look, you may want to choose a red scalloped leather skirt. Red leather is achieved with red dye. When dyed red, scalloped leather skirts will offer a brighter and bolder appearance.

In Conclusion

Scalloped is one of many styles in which you can find leather skirts. As the name suggests, it involves the use of a scalloped shape. Scalloped leather skirts are shaped like ocean-dwelling scallops. They don’t have straight sides. Scalloped leather skirts have curved sides. This allows them to hug your body when worn while offering a more attractive appearance. Just remember to look for a scalloped leather skirt in real leather rather than faux leather.