7 Leather Accessories to Wear With a Leather Jacket

7 Leather Accessories to Wear With a Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are known for their unmatched versatility. If you’re trying to take your outfit to the next level, though, you should consider accessorizing your leather jacket. There are several leather accessories that complement the natural appearance of a leather jacket when worn together in the same outfit. While you might be familiar with some of these leather accessories, others will likely surprise you. Here are seven leather accessories to consider wearing with your leather jacket.

#1) Leather Cap

A leather cap is a simple yet attractive accessory that looks great when worn in conjunction with a leather jacket. The leather cap sold here at LeatherCult, for instance, is made of 100% pure napa sheepskin leather, which is one of the softest and high-quality types of leather on the market. When it’s cold outside, a leather cap such as this will add an extra layer of thermal insulation to your head. And since it’s made of genuine leather, it will complement the appearance of your leather jacket.

#2) Leather Wallet

If you don’t already own one, you may want to invest in a leather wallet. There are bi-fold and tri-fold leather wallets available. The former consists of a single piece of high-quality leather that’s folded once in the middle, whereas the latter consists of a single piece of high-quality leather that’s folded twice in the middle. Regardless, all leather wallets are made of high-quality leather. Of course, most people won’t see your leather wallet since you’ll probably carry it in your pocket. When you do pull out your wallet to retrieve cash, however, your leather wallet will become noticeable.

#3) Leather Messenger Bag

You can also include a leather messenger bag in your outfit when wearing a leather jacket. What is a leather messenger bad exactly? Also known as a leather courier bag, it’s a type of satchel-like bag that’s worn over the shoulder via a semi-long strap. Leather messenger bags typically contain several compartments, which you can use to store items like a laptop or tablet computer as well as paper documents.

Leather messenger bags are often used by business owners and professionals, many of whom are required to carry these items on a daily basis. Even if your job doesn’t require it, though, you can take advantage of the stylish appearance and functional utility of a leather messenger bag by including it in your outfit. It will add new colors and visual patterns to your outfit that flow cohesively with your leather jacket.

#4) Leather Wristwatch

Don’t ignore the style-enhancing benefits of a leather wristwatch. Considering that most people today now own a smartphone, wristwatches have become less common than in the past. However, that doesn’t mean they are obsolete. Even if you don’t use it to keep track of the time, wearing a leather wristwatch will help you create a more cohesive outfit while complementing the appearance of your leather jacket. Just remember to choose a leather wristwatch in the same color as your leather jacket.

Leather wristwatches aren’t made entirely of leather. Rather, only the wristband is made the leather; the rest of the watch, such as the dial, is made of other materials like metal. The leather wristband simply offers a more stylish alternative to other types of wristbands that don’t go as well as with a leather jacket.

#5) Leather Belt

Of course, another leather accessory that looks amazing when worn together when a leather jacket is a leather belt. Belts, as you may know, are worn around the waist. Most pants are designed with loops around the waist through which you can run a belt. Rather than choosing just any belt to wear with your leather jacket, though, you should invest in a leather belt. Since it’s made of the same materials your jacket, a leather belt will help you create a more stylish outfit, all while preventing your pants from falling down in the process.

What type of leather belt should you wear a leather jacket? Here are a few tips on how to choose the perfect leather belt:

  • Choose a belt made of 100% genuine leather.
  • Stick with the same color as your leather jacket.
  • Choose an appropriate length that allows you to wrap the leather belt completely around your waist.
  • Consider the width. Some leather belts are thin, whereas others are thick. Generally speaking, thin belts offer a more slimming effect. On the other hand, thick belts are more visible since they contain more leather material.

#6) Leather Footwear

You can accessorize your leather jacket by wearing leather shoes or boots as well. Leather has become the single most common material used in the construction of men’s and women’s footwear — and for good reason. It’s strong and durable, yet it’s also comfortable and supple. You typically won’t find these qualities in other footwear materials.

If you’re going to wear a leather jacket, you should consider accessorizing it with leather footwear. Maybe you prefer leather loafers, or perhaps you prefer leather boots. No matter what your preference, you shouldn’t have trouble finding them. After all, leather has become synonymous with high-quality footwear, so it’s used to make countless types of men’s and women’s footwear.

#7) Leather Tie

Finally, a leather tie is an attractive and stylish accessory with which you can wear a leather jacket. Most ties, including neckties and bowties, are made of traditional materials like cotton, linen, silk and polyester. While there’s nothing wrong with wearing a necktie or bowtie made of a traditional material, they don’t offer the same aesthetic value as their leather counterparts.

When wearing a leather jacket over a suit, there’s no better choice than a leather tie. The leather tie will flow cohesively with your jacket, resulting in a more attractive outfit. And since it’s made of leather, it shouldn’t develop wrinkles. Leather ties are naturally protected against wrinkles, making them a popular alternative to other ties made of other materials.