The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing a Leather Jacket

The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing a Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are one of the most popular forms of outerwear. With origins dating back to World War I, during which they worn by Air Force crewmen, they are also one of the oldest types of outerwear. But even today, they remain the “go to” choice for millions of men and women. But if you’re thinking of investing in a leather jacket, there are a few things you should know about wearing them. So today we’re going to reveal the do’s and don’ts of wearing a leather jacket.

Do Choose Genuine Leather

I know this is probably common sense, but it’s still worth mentioning that you should choose a leather jacket made of genuine leather. Some jackets sold as “leather” don’t actually contain leather. Rather, they are made with a synthetic material that mimics the look and feel of leather. Known as “faux leather,” these jackets lack the unique characteristics of genuine leather that make it such an attractive choice. Granted, faux leather jackets typically cost less than their counterpart, but this is one instance in which the saying “you get what you pay for” holds true.

Don’t Mix Brown and Black

Being that brown is one of the most popular colors for leather jackets, it’s not uncommon for individuals to wear a brown leather jacket with black clothes and/or accessories. Maybe you have black shoes that you’d like to wear with your leather jacket. Well, if the leather jacket is brown, it’s best to avoid wearing black. Even small things like your shoes will have an impact on your appearance. And going back to the basics of fashion 101, brown and black do not go together. These two colors clash with one another, creating an awkward appearance that simply doesn’t work. If you plan on wearing a brown leather jacket, pair it with similar brown-colored shoes.

Do Wear it During the Winter

Not all seasons are appropriate for wearing a leather jacket. When it’s scorching hot during the “dog days of summer,” for instance, you should probably leave your leather jacket at home. On the other hand, when it’s blistering-cold outside during the freezing winter weather, there’s no better time to wear a leather jacket. These jackets are not only stylish, but they are also ultra-warm and comfortable. A leather jacket is guaranteed to keep you warm during these otherwise cold winter days. The thick fabric acts as a barrier of insulation, trapping your body heat and preventing it from escaping. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can only wear a leather jacket during the winter. Rather, you should consider the temperature and whether or not it’s cool enough to wear one.

Don’t Machine Wash it

Don’t make the mistake of trying to wash your leather in the washing machine. If — or should I say when — your leather jacket gets dirty, you should first try spot-treating the stain. Look in the inside of the collar for specific instructions on how to clean your leather jacket. Most feature a “care label” here, revealing the manufacturer’s recommendations on how to clean and care for the leather jacket. Genuine leather typically isn’t machine-washable, and simply tossing it in the washing machine could damage the fabric. This is why it’s a good idea to check the care label before cleaning it. Assuming you have a small, minor stain on your leather jacket, you could probably clean it by blotting the stained area with a damp washcloth. For bigger, more stubborn stains, you may need to use a special leather cleaning product.

The Do's and Don'ts of Wearing a Leather Jacket Leathercult

Do Wear a Fitted Leather Jacket

Of course, you should only wear a leather jacket that’s properly fitted for your body. No two people have the exact same body, so you can’t expect every jacket you come across while shopping to fit right. So, how exactly do you find a leather jacket that fits? Well, you can try your luck by visiting countless retail and department stores, hoping you find the right one. An easier and smarter solution, however, is to order your leather jacket from the leather experts here at LeatherCult. When ordering, simply specify your body measurements and we’ll customize your leather jacket so it fits just right. This takes the burden of trying to find the perfect fit off your shoulders.

Don’t Leave it Wet

You can wear a leather jacket in the rain and snow, but you should take the time to dry it afterwards. Leather is a highly porous material, containing thousands upon thousands of small holes. These holes constantly absorb moisture from the surrounding environment, which can be beneficial as it protects the leather from drying out. When it’s exposed to excessive moisture over a long period of time, however, leather may sustain damage. To protect your leather jacket from damage such as this, it’s recommended that you dry it off after wearing it in the rain or snow.

Do Condition it

We’ve talked about this before on our blog, but it’s worth mentioning again that you should condition your leather jacket on a regular basis, using a special leather conditioning product like Saddle Soap. These products keep leather soft and supple, while also protecting them from common forms of damage. This is arguably the single most important step when maintaining a leather jacket, so don’t skip the conditioning products.

Do Layer it

Another helpful fashion tip to follow when wearing a leather jacket is to create a layered look. In other words, try wearing your leather jacket with one or two layers under it. Perhaps you can wear a solid color t-shirt and a button-up dress shirt, with your leather jacket over these two garments. Layered looks such as this are simply amazing, and they work well for both men and women alike.