Fun Facts About Leather Jackets

Fun Facts About Leather Jackets

Nothing says classic fashion like a genuine leather jacket. Whether you are a man, woman, young or old, leather jackets offer a certain level of style that’s not found in other materials. Perhaps this is why it continues to be one of the most sought-after types of jackets. However, there are probably some things about leather jackets that you didn’t know…

Movies Made Leather Jackets Popular

Well, movies alone weren’t responsible for the leather jacket craze, but they certainly played a role in its popularity. Such movies include the Indiana Jones’ series, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Night Passage, and more. These movies presented Hollywood actors like Harrison Ford sporting leather jackets, triggering a newfound popularity for the stylish choice of outerwear.

Leather Jackets Save Lives

No, that’s not a typo. Leather jackets really DO save lives. Each year, more than 5,000 motorcyclists lose their lives in the United States, many of whom wear inadequate protection for their body.  Leather jackets, however, offer a stylish and effective form of body armor for motorcyclists. Standard cotton t-shirts and garments are too thin to offer any real protection from the road. Because leather is thick and durable, though, it’s able to protect against injury — at least to some degree.

Leather Jackets and the Military

Long before they were worn by Hollywood actors and movie stars, leather jackets were worn by military personnel.  During the early 1900s, for instance, the U.S. Air Force gave out brown leather flight jackets to their pilots and crew members. The purpose of these jackets was to keep them warm, as high-altitude flights back then posed a serious risk for hypothermia. While modern advancements in aerospace technology have since eliminated the need for “warm” jackets like this, many people still wear leather bomber jackets to this day.

Leather Jackets are Available in a Variety of Hides

The most common type of hide used in the production of a leather jacket is cow, and for good reason: it’s strong, supple, durable, and long-lasting. But leather jackets are available in several other hides as well. Alternatives to cows’ hides may include antelope, deer skin, and lambskin.