About Us!

Who are we:

LeatherCult is comprised of a team of young, dynamic clothing professionals; we have more than 25 years of experience selling leather, denim and other high-end fabrics and clothing. The company produces high-quality clothing such as jeans, jackets, suits and more. Our team is involved in the process from start to end.


In a world filled with people of all shapes, sizes and varying physical needs, the fashion industry has to recognize that not everyone is a perfect size. LeatherCult is a fashion-savvy company that recognizes the importance of non-conforming, eye-catching styles.

No matter what shape or size a person is, LeatherCult can create a custom-designed pair of jeans, sport coat, suit or other piece of clothing that will be attractive, appropriate and comfortable for the customer to wear. Custom clothing is offered at the lowest price possible.

The parent company of LeatherCult has established their presence in the fashion industry. They work closely with organizations that cater to people with special needs such as tall people, plus sizes, and individuals with physical disabilities. In fact, they were recently featured on the National Marfan Foundation web site as a recommended company to approach for fashion.

LeatherCult, a leader in creating custom jeans, has seen its products featured in publications such as Oprah’s O Magazine, Instyle, American Way, Craft, Tampa Tribune and many more. Client satisfaction and positive ratings have earned the company great repeat business. Make Your Own Jeans continues in its quest to assist clients in designing a pair of jeans that compliment not only their body, but their personality as well.

Customers are so infatuated with LeatherCult’s customer service and quality of clothing that they continue to return time after time