10 Reasons to Choose the M-65 Leather Jacket

10 Reasons to Choose the M-65 Leather Jacket

Have you heard of the M-65 leather jacket? Originally introduced by the U.S. Army in the 1960s, it’s a classic choice of outerwear that’s perfect for men and women alike. Also known as the Field Jacket, the M-65 leather jacket is the successor to the M-1951 jacket. Soldiers in the U.S. Army initially wore the M-1943 jacket. In the 1950s, they began wearing the M-1951 jacket. The U.S. Army then introduced the M-65 field jacket in the 1960s to replace the M-1951 jacket. Here are 10 reasons to choose the M-65 leather jacket.

#1) Plenty of Pockets

The M-65 leather jacket features plenty of pockets. When designing the original M-65 leather jacket back in the 1960s, the U.S. Army acknowledged the need for pockets. M-65 leather jackets produced and sold today are available in the same pocket configurations. Most of them have at least four pockets, including two upper breast pockets and two bottom pockets. You can use these pockets to carry small items, or you can use them to keep your hands warm.

#2) Exceptional Durability

You don’t have to worry about the M-65 leather jacket succumbing to the hands of time. It’s designed with an emphasis on strength and durability. Even if you wear it on a daily basis, it won’t break down. Thanks to its exceptional durability, it will offer countless years of use. Its strong and durable properties will protect it from premature wear and tear, resulting in a longer lifespan than that of other, cheaper jackets.

#3) Real Leather Construction

Assuming you purchase the M-65 leather jacket here at LeatherCult, it will feature a real leather construction. It’s made entirely of napa leather. Napa leather, of course, is a type of high-end real leather that receives its namesake from Napa, California. It’s characterized by an ultra-fine grain that manifests in the form of a soft and supple texture. Napa leather isn’t just any ordinary leather; it’s one of the highest-quality types of leather on the market. You can see for yourself by ordering the M-65 leather jacket here at LeatherCult.

#4) Classic Style

For a classic style, look no further than the M-65 leather jacket. It features the same style as that of the U.S. Army’s signature jacket in the 1960s. Other types of leather jackets may feature a more modern style. While there’s nothing wrong with choosing a modern style, they may not hold up over time. Some modern styles may fade from popularity, thus giving way to new modern styles. And even these new modern styles may not last, either. Rather than rolling the dice, you can choose a leather jacket in a classic style like the M-65.

#5) Zipper and Buttons

Another reason to choose the M-65 leather jacket is to take advantage of both a zipper and buttons. Some leather jackets feature a zipper on the front. Other leather jackets feature a column of buttons on the front. The M-65 leather jacket, though, features both a zipper and buttons on the front. Why does this matter? With both types of fasteners, it offers greater protection against the cold weather than traditional leather jackets with only a single fastener type.

If it’s cold outside, you can zip up the front of the M-65 leather jacket. You can then fasten the buttons over the zipper. Using both types of fasteners will help to lock in your body heat so that you stay warmer and more comfortable when it’s cold outside.

#6) Detachable Hood

As shown in the photo above, the M-65 leather jacket features a detachable hood. With a hood, you can rest assured knowing that it will protect you from the rain elements. If it’s raining outside, you can pull the hood over your head. Alternatively, if the forecast calls for clear and sunny skies, you can remove the hood. Some jackets feature a hood, whereas others don’t. The M-65 leather jacket comes with a detachable hood, meaning you can either keep it attached or you can remove it.

#7) Low Maintenance

If you’re tired of constantly cleaning and caring for your jackets, you may want to invest in the M-65 leather jacket. It’s a low-maintenance jacket. With its real leather construction — it’s made of premium napa leather — the M-65 leather jacket is wrinkle resistant. You don’t have to worry about wrinkles, nor do you have to iron or steam it. You can also clean the M-65 leather jacket using a damp washcloth and some mild dish soap. Aside from the occasional spot cleaning, as well as the occasional conditioning, the M-65 leather jacket doesn’t require any other maintenance.

#8) Available With Quilted Lining

The M-65 leather jacket is already incredibly warm. Nonetheless, you can order it with quilted lining for even greater protection against the cold weather. Quilted lining is exactly what it sounds like: a layer of quilted material that’s sewn into the interior of a jacket. When ordering the M-65 leather jacket here at LeatherCult, you can choose either no lining, normal lining or Thinsilute Body Warmer lining.

#9) Smart Investment

The M-65 leather jacket is a smart investment. It may cost more than other, cheaper jackets on the market, but you have to view it as an investment. The M-65 leather jacket offers a timeless style, and when combined with its superior quality and durability, you’ll get plenty of use out of it. Rather than buying a cheap jacket that you’ll end up replacing just a year or two later, spend the extra money on a premium jacket like the M-65 leather jacket.

#10) Comfortable

Finally, the M-65 leather jacket is comfortable. After all, it was originally designed for use by soldiers in the U.S. Army. The U.S. Army acknowledged the need for a functional yet comfortable jacket that all of its soldiers could wear in the field. This led to the M-65 leather jacket. If you’re tired of wearing an uncomfortable jacket, the M-65 leather jacket might be the solution. It’s a highly versatile, comfortable jacket.