6 Tips to Rock a Pair of Leather Pants

6 Tips to Rock a Pair of Leather Pants

Are you tired of wearing the same pair of denim jeans day after day? Don’t get me wrong, jeans are a great choice of pants. Worn by men and women alike, they are the world’s single most popular style of pants. But just because they are popular doesn’t necessarily mean they are the right choice. If you want to stand out from the crowd with a truly unique one-of-a-kind look, you’ll need to choose a different style of pants.

While there are dozens of different styles of pants available on the market, few offer the same level of brilliance and unique style as leather pants. Made from genuine high-quality leather, these pants bring the beauty of leather into a fashionable and highly stylish garment. If this is something you are interested in adding to your wardrobe, keep reading for some essential tips on how to rock a pair of leather pants.

Consider Your Shoes

When shopping for a pair of leather pants, it’s important to consider your shoes or footwear. In other words, what kind of shoes do you plan on wearing with them? If you plan on wearing boots, you’ll want to choose leather pants with a larger opening around the bound. Known as boot-cut, this style is specifically designed so that the bottom will wrap over the top of the boots; thus, allowing for a clean and concise appearance in which everything flows together naturally.

But if you plan on wearing traditional tennis or athletic shoes, you can probably skip the boot cut style and instead choose a different style. Skinny or straight leg, for instance, are both excellent styles of leather pants, assuming you don’t intend to wear boots with them. Alternatively, you can choose a standard or relaxed fit. Either way, you need to consider what shoes you’ll be wearing, after which you can decide which style of leather pants is right for you.

Genuine Leather

It’s also worth noting that all “leather” pants are made of real leather. Just like some jackets and coats are made of fake/faux leather, so are some pants. Faux leather pants look like the real deal from afar. If you inspect up them up close, however, you’ll discover they lack the attractive qualities of genuine leather. Faux leather has a chemical odor to it; it’s not as soft; and it doesn’t possess the same shiny texture as genuine leather. For these reasons and others, it’s recommended that you buy leather pants made of genuine and not faux/fake leather.

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6 Tips to Rock a Pair of Leather Pants Leathercult

Choose the Right Fit

As with most styles of pants, you’ll want to choose leather pants that fit your body. No two people have the exact same body; therefore, not all pants will fit you — and that’s okay. Rather than rolling the dice and hoping you find the perfect fit at a local retail or department store, consider ordering your leather pants here at LeatherCult. We offer custom sizing on all of our pants, meaning you’ll get the perfect fit. Just specify your body measurements when checking out, and we’ll use those measurements to customize your leather pants. There’s no easier way to get the perfect fit!

Pair with the Right Shirt

Don’t forget to choose the right shirt to wear with leather pants. Being that your pants are leather, it’s best to avoid wearing a leather shirt. Granted, leather shirts are a great fashion statement, especially if you want to create a unique look. But it’s usually best to keep your leather to a minimum. In other words, you don’t want to wear a leather shirt, leather pants and a leather cap (that’s too much leather). So, what type of shirt should you wear with leather pants?

It really depends on your personal preference and style, though you can’t go wrong with a button-up. The key thing to remember is that you should choose a color and style that flows cohesively with your leather pants. If your leather pants are brown, for instance, you don’t want to wear a black shirt with it. Going back to the basics of fashion 101, black and brown clash with one another and thus should be avoided.

Keep it Classic

When in doubt, stick with a classic look for your leather pants. You can achieve a simple yet stylish look, for instance, by wearing a pair of black leather pants with a white t-shirt or button-up shirt. And for added aesthetic value, consider wearing it with a light blazer or jacket. Classic looks such as these are timeless; therefore, you don’t have to worry about them going out of style anytime soon.

Accessorize Your Look

Last but not last, feel free to accessorize your outfit when wearing leather pants. So, what kind of accessories can you wear with leather pants? The possibilities are endless, though again it’s best to stick with the basics for maximum results. For men, some accessories to consider include a classic metal-band wristwatch and sunglasses. For women, possible accessories include a matching leather hand bag, a necklace, wristwatch and bracelet. When choosing accessories such as these, make sure they match and flow with the rest of your outfit. Spending just a few extra minutes choosing the right accessories can make a world of difference in your overall appearance.

These are just a few simple fashion tips to help you look your best when wearing leather pants. Above all else, though, have fun with your new leather pants and don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles. After all, the only way you’ll know whether or not a new style works is by seeing it for yourself.