7 Common Myths About Leather Dresses

7 Common Myths About Leather Dresses

You can’t believe everything you hear or read about leather dresses. There are many myths surrounding leather dresses. If you’re planning to buy a leather dress in the near future, you should familiarize yourself with the following myths. Doing so will help you choose the perfect leather dress for your fashion needs. Below are seven all-too-common myths about leather dresses.

#1) Can’t Wear in Cool Weather

You can absolutely wear a leather dress in cool weather. Dresses, of course, are typically associated with the warmer months of the year. Most women wear them during the spring and summer months when it’s warm outside. But that doesn’t mean leather dresses are only suitable for warm weather. With the right approach, you can wear them in cool weather as well.

If you’re going to wear a leather dress in cool weather, you should choose a style with pockets. Pockets will allow you to keep your hands warm. You can place your hands inside of the pockets to protect them from the cool weather. You may also want to accessorize your leather dress with leggings. Leggings will insulate your legs while keeping you warm and comfortable in the process.

#2) Only Available in Faux Leather

Some stores sell dresses made of faux leather, but you can still find dresses made of real leather. Most leather dresses, in fact, are made of real leather. They aren’t made of faux or artificial leather. Rather, they are made of real leather.

There’s no substitution for a real leather dress. When made of real leather, dresses typically feature a softer texture. More importantly, they offer a natural sheen that’s not found in faux leather dresses. If you’re going to buy a leather dress, you should look for one that’s made of real leather. It may cost more, but opting for a real leather dress is a smart investment that’s guaranteed to pay off in the long run.

#3) Difficult to Maintain

This myth couldn’t be further from the truth. Leather dresses aren’t difficult to maintain. While available in different styles, they typically require the same basic maintenance as most leather jackets.

You don’t have to wash or dry a leather dress. If it’s dirty, you can spot clean it. Spot cleaning requires nothing more than a damp washcloth and some gentle dish soap. Squeeze a few drops of soap onto the washcloth, after which you can blot the surface of your leather dress. Blotting the surface will clean your leather dress by pulling out any stain-causing compounds.

Along with spot cleaning your leather dress, you may want to condition it. All leather garments can benefit from conditioning. As long as your leather dress is made of real leather, it can benefit from conditioning. Conditioning your leather dress will hydrate it so that it doesn’t dry it. Conditioning creams are designed to replenish the lost moisture in leather, thereby preventing the leather from suffering from dryness-related damage like cracking and fading.

#4) Always Sleeveless

Leather dresses aren’t always sleeveless. You can find them in sleeveless styles as well as sleeved styles. Sleeveless leather dresses are the most common. Most leather dresses, such as those depicted in the photos here, don’t have sleeves. But there are still plenty of leather dresses that have sleeves.

You may want to choose a leather dress with sleeves if you’re planning to wear it during the fall or winter. The Renee Leather Shirt Dress sold here at LeatherCult has short sleeves, whereas the Cacoon Leather Dress features long sleeves. Regardless, leather dresses aren’t always sleeveless. Some of them have either short sleeves or long sleeves.

#5) The Type of Leather Doesn’t Matter

You can’t ignore the importance of choosing a leather dress in the right type of leather. Leather dresses are available in different types of leather. Even if two or more dresses are made of real leather, the quality of their respective leather may vary.

Dresses made of napa leather, for instance, typically outperform those made of other types of leather. Napa leather originated in Napa, California. While it has since made its way into the regions, it’s still regarded as one of the industry’s highest-quality types of leather. Napa leather has a fine, narrow grain. With its ultra-fine grain, it feels softer and smoother than most other types of leather. There are dresses made of napa leather. They may cost more than those made of other, lower-quality types of leather, but dresses made of napa leather are worth the investment.

#6) Only Available in Solid Colors

Leather dresses aren’t limited to solid colors. Like with other dresses, you can find them in solid colors as well as patterned or multi colors. Multicolored leather dresses feature two or more colors. They may feature a primary color as well as a secondary color. The primary color is the main color that defines a leather dress. The secondary color is a smaller color that complements the primary color.

Maybe you prefer a leather dress in a solid color like black, or perhaps you prefer a leather dress in multiple colors. Regardless, leather dresses aren’t limited to solid colors. Some of them feature multiple colors, thus giving you more options from which to choose.

#7) Only Knee-Height Styles Are Available

Another common myth is that leather dresses are only available in knee-height styles. Knee-height leather dresses are popular. They offer a moderate height that’s not too casual yet not too formal. You can wear a knee-height leather dress for most occasions. With that said, leather dresses aren’t limited to knee-height styles.

There are other styles in which leather dresses are made. Some of them are shorter, whereas others are longer. Shorter leather dresses are typically known as mini leather dresses. They usually stop several inches above the knees when worn. Longer leather dresses are known as maxi leather dresses. They extend several inches past the knees when worn.