7 Surprising Benefits of Leather Tops

7 Surprising Benefits of Leather Tops

You shouldn’t limit yourself to only wearing shirts and tops made of a traditional material cotton. There are plenty of other tops available, some of which may prove better for your specific fashion needs. Leather tops, for instance, have become a popular alternative in recent years. Featuring a genuine leather construction, they are distinguished from traditional tops. Unless you’ve worn a leather top before, though, you might be skeptical of wearing them. In this post, you’ll learn more about the benefits of wearing leather tops, some of which may surprise you.

#1) Breathability

A surprising benefit of leather tops that often goes unnoticed is breathability. What does this mean exactly? Leather tops are made of genuine leather. And while there are many types of genuine leather, they all have a porous surface that allows them to breathe. If you get a leather top wet, it will easily dry when left outside for a short period. Moisture can enter the small pores within the leather top’s surface. Conversely, moisture can exit the pores.

While traditional tops often stay wet for extended periods, leather tops don’t suffer from this problem since they have a breathable and porous surface. Regardless of what type of leather top you intend to buy and wear, it will quickly dry out. The breathable properties of genuine leather allow it to quickly and easily dry out when exposed to air.

#2) Stain Resistant

Leather tops are naturally resistant to stains. That doesn’t necessarily mean that are immune stains. No shirt, top or garment is completely protected from stains. With that said, leather tops are less likely to develop stains than their traditional counterparts.

Assuming it’s made of genuine leather, a leather top will repel most minor stains. And if your leather top does happen to develop a stain, you can easily clean it using nothing more than a damp washcloth and some mild dish soap. Other tops are more susceptible to stains. If you own a cotton shirt or top, there’s a good chance it will develop a stain when exposed to a colored liquid, such as your morning coffee.

#3) Fragrant Aroma

If you’ve ever been around genuine leather before, you may recall its distinct fragrant aroma. Leather tops share this same fragrant aroma. It’s a subtle yet pleasing aroma that’s not found in other materials. Some people compare the aroma of genuine leather to that of nuts mixed with an earthy hint. Regardless, it’s a truly fragrant aroma that you’re sure to appreciate. To take advantage of this aroma, though, you need to choose a top made of genuine leather. No other material offers the same fragrant aroma as genuine leather.

#4) Comfort

We can’t talk about the benefits of leather tops without mentioning comfort. Whether you intend to wear a leather top for a few hours or the entire day, you can rest assured knowing that it will be comfortable. Leather tops have a super-soft texture — even more so than cotton and wool tops.

Furthermore, nearly all leather tops are designed to fit loosely when worn. The soft texture of leather tops combined with their loose-fitted construction makes them incredibly comfortable to wear. Other tops can also be comfortable to wear, but they generally lack the comfort offered by leather tops. With a genuine leather top, you’ll have a superior level of comfort that’s simply not available in other tops.

#5) Variety of Styles

Not all leather tops feature the same style. They are available in dozens if not hundreds of unique styles. There are traditional leather tops that feature a single and solid color, such as brown. These traditional leather tops are a popular choice among fashion-conscious women.

However, there are also two-tone leather tops available that, as the name suggests, feature two colors. The Leather Top Style #55 sold exclusively here at LeatherCult, for instance, is a two-tone leather top. In addition to a primary color that’s used throughout most of the leather top, it features a secondary color around the neckline. You’ll even have the option to customize the Leather Top Style #55 with your own colors. We offer 50 different colors from which you can choose, allowing for a deep level of customization. You won’t find these customization options when shopping for leather tops at other stores or vendors.

#6) Timeless

Another reason to consider wearing leather tops is their timeless appearance. Leather has been used in the construction of shirts, tops, jackets and other garments for centuries. Over the years, new styles have emerged, but they still feature the same genuine leather construction. As a result, leather tops are considered timeless.

With a leather top, there’s little or no chance of it going out of style. The same can’t be said for other tops. If you own a cotton or wool top, it may fall out of style within just a few years. When this occurs, you may struggle to incorporate into your outfits. Leather tops manufactured and sold today continue to use the same genuine leather construction as those manufactured centuries ago, so they are regarded as timeless.

#7) Low Maintenance

Leather tops also require little work, as well as time, to maintain. With cotton and wool tops, you’ll typically have to wash them each time you wear them. If you intend to wear a cotton top three days of the week, that means you’ll have to wash it a half-dozen times throughout the week. Leather shirts are significantly easier to maintain since they don’t require washing. If your leather top gets dirty, you should be able to clean it with a damp washcloth.

Leather tops are also considered low maintenance because they repel stains. As mentioned above, genuine leather is naturally resistant to stains. It doesn’t hold stain-causing liquids or compounds. If you spill a colored liquid onto your leather top, it will quickly dry out without resulting in a stain.