7 Tips on Choosing Leather Capris

7 Tips on Choosing Leather Capris

Are you looking to buy a pair of leather capris? Also known as leather highwaters, they offer a stylish alternative to traditional leather pants. They are typically shorter and more form-fitting. Not all leather capris are the same, though. When shopping for leather capris, you’ll need to choose the right type. Below are seven tips on how to choose leather capris. By following these tips, you’ll walk away with the perfect pair of leather capris.

#1) Go With Real Leather

It’s recommended that you go with real leather when choosing leather capris. Like with other leather garments, capris are available in different types of leather. Some of them are made of real leather, whereas others are made of faux leather. Faux leather, of course, isn’t real leather. Also known as artificial leather, it consists of a synthetic material that’s designed to look like real leather.

For the highest level of comfort and style, you should choose capris made of real leather. Real leather is softer and more comfortable than faux leather. Even with its superior softness, real leather is strong and durable — even more so than faux leather.

Napa leather is regarded as one of the highest-quality types of real leather. It receives its namesake from Napa, California. Napa leather has a finer grain than that of nearly all other types of leather. With its ultra-fine grain, it’s very soft. You can find capris featuring this same napa leather.

#2) Look for Belt Loops

You should consider choosing leather capris with belt loops. Belt loops, of course, will allow you to accessorize them with a belt. You can’t accessorize leather capris with a belt unless they have belt loops. Belt loops consist of a row of thin loops around the waistline that allow you to accessorize leather capris with a belt.

Many women prefer to wear a belt with their leather capris. A belt will secure your leather capris around your waist while also introducing new colors and textures to your outfit. Therefore, you should choose leather capris with belt loops. If they don’t have belt loops, you won’t be able to accessorize them with a belt.

#3) Check the Length

Don’t forget to check the length when choosing leather capris. All capris are defined by their length. They don’t feature a full length. Rather, capris feature a partial length. Most capris only extend to your calves when worn. They don’t extend all the way to your ankles.

You’ll still want to check the length when choosing leather capris. If they are too short, they may look awkward, or they may be uncomfortable. Long leather capris, conversely, extend too far. If they are exceptionally long, they may even drag on the ground when worn. You need to check the length when choosing capris to ensure that they aren’t too short or too long.

#4) Choose the Right Color

It’s important to choose leather capris in the right color. Leather capris are available in a wide range of colors. Black is a popular color in which leather capris are made. As shown in the photo above, black leather capris are sleek, stylish and modern. If you’re struggling to choose a color, you can’t go wrong with black leather capris.

You can find leather capris in other colors besides black. Maybe you prefer red leather capris. Red is a bolder and brighter color, making it a popular choice among women. Alternatively, you may want to choose brown leather capris. Brown is a classic color that’s become synonymous with leather. These are just a few of many colors in which leather capris are made.

Some of the most popular colors for leather capris include the following:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Olive
  • Yellow
  • Orange

#5) Inspect the Fasteners

It’s a good idea to inspect the fasteners when shopping for leather capris. All leather capris have fasteners. Fasteners consist of buttons or zippers. You can usually find them on the fly, as well as other places, of leather capris.

Not all fasteners are made equal, though. Some fasteners are of higher quality than others. If a pair of leather capris has cheap, low-quality fasteners, you may want to look elsewhere. Low-quality fasteners are more likely to break or fall off than their high-quality counterparts. You won’t have to worry about high-quality fasteners sustaining damage. They’ll stay on your leather capris while lifting their overall aesthetics.

High-quality fasteners are also a sign of a high-quality construction. If a pair of leather capris has high-quality fasteners, it’s probably constructed with high-quality leather and craftsmanship.

#6) Check the Pockets

Along with the fasteners, take a moment to check the pockets when choosing leather capris. Most leather capris have pockets. With that said, some of them have more pockets than others. The depth or overall size of these pockets can also vary.

Regardless of the style or color, check the pockets when choosing leather capris. If the pockets are shallow, you may not be able to use them. If the pockets are poorly designed, on the other hand, they may be uncomfortable to use.

#7) Consider Maintenance

You should consider the required maintenance when choosing leather capris. In other words, how do you clean and maintain them? Assuming they are made of real leather, they should require little work to clean and maintain.

Most leather capris don’t require machine-washing. Rather, you can spot clean. Spot cleaning involves the use of a damp washcloth, as well as liquid dish soap, to clean specific areas of your leather capris. If you notice a stain or blemish on your leather capris, you can spot clean them.

Aside from spot cleaning, you may want to condition your leather capris. Conditioning will preserve and protect them from dehydration. Leather capris can dry out over time. This phenomenon isn’t limited to leather capris; any garment made of real leather can dry out. Fortunately, conditioning will protect your leather capris from dehydration by providing them with additional moisture.