7 Tips on Choosing Leather Joggers

7 Tips on Choosing Leather Joggers

Leather joggers are a popular type of men’s and women’s trousers. As you may know, they are lightweight and semi-baggy pants made of leather. This unique design makes them exceptionally comfortable to wear when running, jogging and performing other physical activities. While all leather joggers share these characteristics, they are available in different types. If you’re planning to buy a pair of leather joggers, you should follow these tips to choose the right type.

#1) Go With Real, Premium Leather

You can find leather joggers made of different types of leather. Some of them are made of faux leather, whereas others are made of real leather. Joggers made of real leather are almost always a better choice than those made of faux leather.

Faux leather isn’t actually leather. It’s a type of synthetic material that has a similar appearance as real leather. But there’s no substitution for real leather. When made of faux leather, joggers will have a stiff texture and artificial smell. Therefore, it’s recommended that you go with real, premium leather when choosing leather joggers.

#2) Make Sure They Are Lightweight

When shopping for a pair of leather joggers, you should make sure they are lightweight. Most leather joggers are, in fact, lightweight. With their lightweight construction, you can wear them while performing physical activities, such as jogging. Nonetheless, some leather joggers are heavier than others.

Lightweight leather joggers are more comfortable than their heavier counterparts. You can still choose a pair of heavy leather joggers. The problem with heavy leather joggers, though, is that they’ll weigh you down, which can restrict your ability to perform physical activities while wearing them.

#3) Look for an Elastic Band Around the Ankles

Another feature to look for in leather joggers is an elastic band around the ankles. Both of the ankles should have an elastic band around the bottom. Without this elastic band, you may not be able to wear them — at least not while jogging or performing other physical activities.

What’s the purpose of the elastic ankle bands exactly? The elastic ankle bands commonly found on leather joggers is designed to hold up the bottom. All leather joggers are semi-baggy. As a result, some of the excess material may fall down past your shoes. If you happen to running or jogging, you could trip over this excess material. Elastic ankle bands prevent this from happening by holding up the bottom of the leather joggers.

#4) Choose a Tapered Design

You may want to consider a tapered design when choosing a pair of leather joggers. A tapered design means they become narrower towards the bottom. They are the widest at the top — directly below the waistband — and they become narrower towards the ankles. Known as a tapered design, it’s a common feature with leather joggers.

Not all leather joggers feature a tapered design. Some of them run straight through the legs. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with leather joggers that run straight through the legs. However, they don’t offer the same level of comfort and mobility as those with a tapered design.

#5) Consider Your Footwear

Don’t forget to consider your footwear when choosing a pair of leather joggers. In other words, what type of footwear do you plan on wearing with the leather joggers? Some people wear athletic shoes with their leather joggers. Other people wear boots wear with their leather joggers. You can wear just about any type of footwear with leather joggers. Nonetheless, some leather joggers work better for certain types of footwear than others.

If you’re planning to wear boots with them, you may want to choose boot-cut leather joggers. Boot-cut is a trouser style that features a wide opening around the bottom of each pant leg. The term “boot cut” is commonly associated with jeans. There are boot-cut jeans that feature wide openings around the pant legs. But you can find leather joggers with this same boot-cut style.

Boot-cut leather joggers are ideal for boots. With their wide pant leg openings, you’ll be able to slide them over the top of your boots. Other styles of leather joggers may or may not slide over the top of your boots. Therefore, you should consider boot-cut leather joggers if you’re planning to wear boots with them.

#6) Choose the Right Waist Size

You need to choose a pair of leather joggers in the right waist size. Most leather joggers are somewhat forgiving in regards to the waist size. They are designed with a drawstring and an elastic waistband, which you can loosen or tighten to achieve a comfortable fit. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore the waist size. If they are too small or too big in the waist, you may not be able to comfortably wear them.

For the perfect fit, order a pair of custom-sized leather joggers. LeatherCult offers a wide selection of leather garments in custom sizes, including leather joggers. When ordering a pair of leather joggers, you can specify custom measurements for them. As long as these measurements match those of your body, you can rest assured knowing that the leather joggers will fit perfectly in both the waist and the legs.

#7) Opt for Quilted Lining During the Winter

When do you plan on wearing the leather joggers? Most leather joggers can be worn year-round. Regardless of the time of year, you can probably wear them. Some leather joggers, however, are better for the winter months than others. All leather joggers feature a thin construction, which is responsible for their lightweight characteristics. The downside to this thin construction is that they don’t offer much protection against the cold winter weather.

For the winter season, you may want to opt for quilted lining. Leather joggers can be designed with quilted lining. Quilted lining refers to an insulative material that’s sewn into the interior of the leather joggers. It’s not visible from the outside. Quilted lining is found inside of the leather joggers where it’s able to insulate your body while protecting you from the cold winter weather.