8 Reasons Why Leather Jackets Are So Popular

8 Reasons Why Leather Jackets Are So Popular

To say leather jackets are popular would be an understatement. They’ve become the preferred choice of outerwear for countless men and women. And even with the advent of new coats and jackets, millions of people still prefer leather jackets. This begs the question: Why are leather jackets so popular? After all, you can find other coats and jackets available for sale at your local retail apparel store. To learn more about leather jackets and why they are so popular, keep reading.

Classic Style

One reason leather jackets are so popular is because they offer a classic style. While other styles come and go from year to year, leather jackets hold steady. They’ve been around for more than a century, and unlike other coats and jackets, they’ve only become more popular since then. If you’re searching for a new form of outerwear that’s not going to fade from popularity in just a few years, you can’t go wrong with a leather jacket. Their classic, timeless style allows you to wear your leather jacket for many years without worrying about it becoming an outdated style.

Looks Better With Age

Like fine wine, leather jackets tend to improve with age. After wearing your leather jacket for a while, you’ll break it in the fabric so that it becomes softer and more comfortable. Furthermore, you may discover that your leather jacket fades slightly over time. It’s not enough to significantly change the appearance of your jacket. Rather, leather jackets fade just enough to turn them to a slightly lighter tone, which many people prefer. In the event that you don’t want your leather jacket to fade, you can prevent this from happening by storing it indoors and applying a leather conditioning product like saddle soap to it.

Warmth and Protection From the Elements

Wearing a leather jacket will keep you warm while protecting you from the elements in the process. As we wrap up 2018, the temperature get cooler, with some regions even experiencing sleet and snow. If you live in one of these regions, you’ll need the right type of outerwear to protect you from the cold weather — and there’s no better choice than a genuine leather jacket. Leather is a heavy-duty textile that comes from the animal skin, typically cow’s hide. Although it’s soft and comfortable, it also boasts a superior insulation value when compared to other textiles. This means that wearing a leather jacket will keep you warm, even when the winter weather is out in full force.


Leather jackets are incredibly versatile, so much in fact that you can wear them year-round. Some people assume that they can only wear leather jackets during the cold winter months, but this isn’t necessarily true. Leather jackets are undoubtedly an excellent choice of outerwear for winter because of the unparalleled level of warmth they offer. However, the great about leather jackets is that you can wear them during any season. Whether it’s spring, summer, fall or winter, you can sport a leather jacket anytime of the year.


It’s Hypoallergenic

Did you know that leather jackets are hypoallergenic? It’s not uncommon for people to experience skin itching, redness, inflammation and other allergic reactions when wearing coats and jackets made of traditional textiles. This is because their body believes the textile is a foreign invader, so it attempts to attack the areas of the skin exposed to it. You don’t have to worry about skin allergies when wearing a leather jacket, however. Assuming it’s made of genuine leather and not faux leather, you can rest assured knowing that it’s hypoallergenic. And like other hypoallergenic materials, leather has a low risk of causing an allergic skin reaction. You can wear it for multiple consecutive days without it irritating your skin.

Dozens of Colors Available

You don’t have to settle for a brown leather jacket. Brown is the most popular color in which leather jackets are made and sold, but you’ll find this classic form of outerwear available in countless other colors. If you aren’t a fan of the traditional brown leather jacket, perhaps black is a better choice. Black leather jackets offer a more modern style that many men and women prefer. And if you purchase your leather jacket here at LeatherCult, you can choose from one of dozens of different colors.

It’s Easy to Care For

All jackets require some effort to clean and maintain, and leather jackets are no exception. With that said, you’ll probably find that caring for a leather jacket is easier than caring for other jackets. There are a few reasons for this, one of which is the simple fact that leather repels most stain-causing compounds. If you happen to spill a soda or coffee on your leather jacket, you can usually blot the area clean with a dry washcloth, at which point it will no longer visible. Other than this, the only maintenance a leather jacket requires is the occasional conditioning. We’ve discussed this before on the official LeatherCult blog, but conditioning involves the use of a leather moisturizing product like saddle soap to hydrate and protect leather from dryness. Most experts recommend conditioning leather once every few months to preserve its appearance and softness.

Fragrant Aroma

Yet another reason that leather jackets are popular is because they offer a fragrant aroma. Jackets made of genuine leather have a cedar-like aroma that most people find pleasing. It’s subtle and not overbearing, yet it’s still pleasing and adds a unique element to leather jackets that aren’t found elsewhere. Keep in mind that you won’t find this fragrant aroma in jackets made of faux leather. Only those made of real, genuine leather offer this fragrant aroma.

Leather jackets are popular for a variety of reasons. As revealed here, they are offer a classic style, look better with age, are warm and versatile, available in dozens of colors, are easy to care for and offer a fragrant aroma.