8 Tips for Wearing a Cropped Leather Jacket

8 Tips for Wearing a Cropped Leather Jacket

There’s no denying the fact that leather jackets are comfortable and stylish. They’ve been around for over a century (yes, they are really that old), and have since only grown in popularity. One of the reasons for their popularity is the unique style and unmatched comfort associated with leather. Leather is soft, supple and non-abrasive, making it ideal for use in jackets. Furthermore, it possesses a truly one-of-a-kind style that’s found in other materials. These unique qualities make leather jackets the preferred choice of outerwear among countless men and women.

But there leather jackets are available in dozens of styles, each of which has its own unique characteristics and qualities. One “trending” style is cropped, which lives up to its namesake by featuring a cropped bottom. Rather than extending all the way to the waist, a cropped leather jacket stops around the midsection.

Consider a Skirt

Rather than wearing jeans or traditional trousers, consider pairing your cropped leather jacket with a skirt. A midi skirt, for instance, is shorter than a maxi skirt but longer than a mini skirt. This moderate length makes it the perfect choice for a cropped leather jacket. The jacket will draw attention to your upper body, while the skirt helps to balance your overall appearance. It’s a simple combination that’s truly stunning when done correctly.

Leave it Open

While there are always exceptions to this rule, it’s usually best to leave a cropped leather jacket open instead of closed. Whether your cropped leather jacket features a zipper or buttons (or both), you should probably leave it open. Wearing it closed conceals your underlying shirt or garment, preventing it from enhancing your appearance. If you wear your cropped leather jacket open, your shirt will remain visible — and this can be useful for creating a more cohesive appearance in which all of your garments and accessories match.

Check the Sleeves

When shopping for a cropped leather jacket, check the sleeves to make sure they are an appropriate length. If your sleeves are too short, you may have trouble moving and bending your arms while wearing the jacket. If they are too long, the jacket will look awkward and baggy. Thankfully, problems such as these are easily prevented by choosing a jacket with an appropriate sleeve length. The sleeves should stop just shy of your hands, which is indicative of a proper-fitted jacket. If you’re struggling to find a leather jacket that fits, consider ordering yours here at LeatherCult. We offer custom sizing on all leather jackets at no additional charge.

#4) Contrast Colors

Whether you choose to pair your cropped leather jacket with a skirt, jeans or any other trousers/bottoms, choose contrasting colors. In other words, the color of your cropped leather jacket should contrast with the color of your skirt or bottoms. Wearing a black leather jacket with black pants isn’t exactly the best choice, as the two garments will blend together to create the appearance of a single garment. If you wear a skirt that contrasts with black, however, you’ll create a more appealing outfit that really enhances your appearance. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to wear white with a black cropped leather jacket, but rather choose a light color that’s easy on the eyes and “pops” when placed next to black. Following this otherwise simple rule will give you the upper hand on your personal style.


#5) Wear it Off the Shoulders

There’s no rule — written or unwritten — stating that you must wear a cropped leather jacket with your arms through the sleeves. While this is traditionally how jackets are worn, a popular alternative is to wear them off the shoulders (see photo above). Basically, any cropped jacket or other form of cropped outerwear can be worn off the shoulders, thanks to the way in which it is designed. The cropped design allows for a more visually appealing style when worn off the shoulders. Furthermore, many women prefer this style because of its increased comfort during the warm summer months. If you want to wear a cropped leather jacket this summer but are worried about getting hot, you can always wear it off the shoulders to stay cool and comfortable.

#6) Don’t Forget the Handbag

Accessories are an important part of any woman’s outfit. There’s one accessory in particular that works incredibly well for a cropped leather jacket: a handbag. A high-quality handbag will complete your outfit, drawing attention to your jacket and improving the aesthetics of your outfit. It’s also worth mentioning that you can use your handbag for functional purposes as well, such as storing your wallet, car keys and other small items.

Here’s a tip: choose a handbag in the same color and material (leather) as your jacket. Don’t make the mistake of accessorizing your outfit with the wrong handbag. When wearing a cropped leather jacket, stick with a similar leather handbag in the same color and style for a cleaner and more cohesive appearance.

#7) Wear it with a Dress

Another way that you can wear a cropped leather jacket is wearing it with a dress. A flowing dress is the perfect choice for a cropped leather jacket. Assuming you wear the jacket open — like mentioned above — it will highlight and emphasize your dress. However, you should choose a dress in a different color than your jacket.

#8) Go Genuine

Make sure your cropped jacket is made of 100% genuine leather and not fake/faux leather. The latter lacks the visual appeal and attractive characteristics of its genuine counterpart. While fake/faux cropped leather jackets are usually cheaper, they should be avoided for reasons such as these.

Hopefully, this tips will give you a better idea of how to create the perfect outfit with a cropped leather jacket. For more leather fashion tips, check out some of our previous blog posts here at LeatherCult.