9 Tips on How to Care for a White Leather Jacket

9 Tips on How to Care for a White Leather Jacket

Not all leather jackets are brown. While brown is one of the most popular colors in which they are made, you can find leather jackets in countless other colors, including white. White leather jackets offer a sleek and stylish appearance. They are available in the same types of real, high-quality leather as other leather jackets; they are simply dyed white during production. If you’re thinking about buying a white leather jacket, however, you should follow these 9 tips to properly care for it.

#1) Store Out of Sunlight

Sunlight can degrade most garments, including white leather jackets. It contains ultraviolet (UV) rays that contribute to fading. White leather jackets can fade. They are more susceptible to fading, in fact, than jackets in other colors. Over time, exposure to the UV rays of sunlight may cause your white leather jacket to fade to a darker, duller tone. You can still wear your white leather jacket outdoors during the midday hours, but you should avoid storing it in direct sunlight. Instead, choose a dark space in which to store your white leather jacket, such as a coat closet.

#2) Clean Spills Immediately

Spills are bound to happen when wearing a white leather jacket. Whether it’s a soda, coffee or any other liquid, you should clean it immediately. The longer a stain goes unaddressed, the harder it will be to remove. Stains are caused by spilled liquids. As the stain-causing liquid sits on your white leather jacket, it will begin to soak into your jacket’s pores. This can make the stain difficult to remove. By cleaning spills when or shortly after they occur, this won’t be an issue.

#3) Don’t Snag the Fasteners

You should use caution when wearing, as well as storing, your white leather jacket. If you snag a fastener, you may inadvertently damage your white leather jacket. The fastener may fall off, or it may tear your white leather jacket.

Fasteners consist of hardware like zippers and buttons. Depending on the particular type of white leather jacket you choose, it may have one or more fasteners. Most leather jackets, including white leather jackets, have either a zipper or a column of buttons on the front. With that said, you may discover these same fasteners in other places of a white leather jacket, such as the breast pockets or even the cuffs.

#4) Keep Away From Humidity

Humidity and white leather jackets don’t mix. Humidity is moisture vapor in the air. Even though you can’t see it, there’s always moisture vapor in the air. The amount of moisture vapor in the air is represented by the humidity level. To protect your white leather jacket from oxidative damage, you should keep it away from spaces and environments with a high humidity level.

Moisture promotes oxidation. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that involves a material, such as leather, changing its physical properties when exposed to oxygen. As your white leather jacket begins to oxidize, it will develop a yellow tint. You won’t be able to remove this yellow tint, either. The good news is that you can protect your white leather jacket from oxidative damage like permanent yellowing by keeping it away from humidity.

#5) Dry Promptly

There will probably be times when your white leather jacket gets wet. If you’re walking outdoors and it begins to rain, for instance, your white leather jacket will get wet. When this occurs, you should dry it as soon as possible.

Rainwater is no different than humidity. It has the same effect by promoting oxidation. Allowing your white leather jacket to remain wet for a prolonged period will result in oxidative damage. It may develop a yellow tint, or it may even develop mildew stains. Drying your white leather jacket as soon as possible will protect it from oxidative damage.

#6) Brush Off Dirt and Dust

Another care tip for a white leather jacket is to regularly brush off dirt and dust. Regardless of the color, all leather jackets can attract dirt and dust. Nonetheless, white leather jackets typically show dirt and dust more easily than other colors. With their white color, debris such as this is highly visible. Using a soft-bristle brush, you can brush off dirt and dust to ensure a pristine appearance with your white leather jacket.

#7) Use a Leather Conditioner

You should use a leather conditioner when caring for your white leather jacket. Leather conditioners consist of products like creams and lotions that are designed to hydrate leather. They will keep your white leather jacket soft and supple so that it doesn’t dry out.

About once every two or three months, apply a leather conditioner to your white leather jacket. As you rub in the leather conditioner, it will hydrate your white leather jacket. Your white leather jacket will then feel softer and smoother, and it will be better protected from dryness.

#8) Hang It Up

When you aren’t wearing it, try to get into the habit of hanging up your white leather jacket. You can store it in your coat closet by hanging it on a coat hanger. When stored on a clothes hanger, your white leather jacket will retain its original shape.

Tossing your white leather jacket on the floor may cause it to deform. It may develop permanent wrinkles, or it may stretch out in certain places. Once it has lost its original shape, your white leather jacket will no longer fit the same. Hanging it up will prevent problems such as these by encouraging shape retention.

#9) Test Products in a Discreet Area

Always test new leather products in a discreet area of your white leather jacket. You can use an inside seam or an inconspicuous corner, for instance. As long as the leather product doesn’t cause any discoloration or damage, you can then apply it to the rest of your white leather jacket.