Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Suede Leather Jackets

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Suede Leather Jackets

When researching some of the different types of leather jackets, you may come across suede. They are available in many of the same styles as traditional leather jackets, including bomber, biker and blazer. Suede leather jackets, however, feature a napped surface, whereas traditional leather jackets have a smooth surface. Below are some of the most common questions and answers about suede leather jackets.

Are They Made of Real Leather?

Suede leather jackets are, in fact, made of real leather. Some of them are made of cowhide, whereas others are made of sheepskin. Regardless, suede leather jackets are made of real leather. They consist of cowhide or sheepskin that’s tanned, processed and then used in the construction of a suede leather jacket. Only faux or artificial leather jackets aren’t made of real leather. Jackets labeled as “faux” or “artificial” leather are made of a synthetic material. By choosing a suede leather jacket, you can rest assured knowing that it’s made of real leather and not a synthetic material.

How Do They Compare to Traditional Leather Jackets?

While suede leather jackets and traditional leather jackets are both made of real leather, they aren’t necessarily the same. Suede leather is characterized by a napped surface. In other words, it has a fuzzy texture. Traditional leather jackets don’t have a smooth surface. Only suede leather jackets have a fuzzy texture. They have a napped surface, resulting in a fuzzy texture, which is essentially what distinguishes suede leather jackets from traditional leather jackets.

Is Suede Leather the Same as Split Leather?

Some people assume that suede leather is the same as split leather. Split leather, of course, is a type of real leather that’s characterized by the removal of the top grain. It’s made by separating or “splitting” the top grain. Suede leather usually consists of split leather, but it’s not necessarily the same. Suede leather consists of split leather that’s given a napped surface during production. Without this napped surface, it would simply be split leather and not suede leather.

Can You Wear Them Year-Round?

Absolutely! Suede leather jackets aren’t limited to any particular season. You can wear a suede leather jacket year-round. Suede leather jackets are actually ideal for year-round usage. The main difference between suede leather and traditional leather is that the former features a napped surface, whereas the latter features a smooth surface. Suede leather, however, is also thinner than traditional leather. Therefore, suede leather jackets are lightweight. They weigh less than traditional leather jackets, allowing you to wear a suede leather jacket all year long.

What Colors Are They Available In?

You can find suede leather jackets available in dozens of colors. Like with traditional leather jackets, brown is the most popular color in which suede leather jackets are made. You can find them in light brown and dark brown, both of which are excellent choices. But don’t let that stop you from choosing an alternative color. Maybe you prefer olive, or perhaps you prefer burnt orange. There are even blue suede leather jackets Suede leather jackets are made of real leather, so they can be dyed in just about any color.

Are They Soft?

When made of real leather, all leather jackets are soft. Real leather is prized for its soft and supple texture. But suede leather is exceptionally soft. It’s thinner than traditional leather, and it has a napped texture. These properties allow for an exceptional level of softness. Suede leather jackets are among the softest types of leather outerwear on the market. If you’re looking for a super-soft jacket, you can’t go wrong with suede leather.

What Are the Disadvantages of Suede Leather?

Considering that it’s softer and arguably more comfortable than traditional leather, you might be wondering what are the disadvantages of suede leather. Suede leather has become a popular alternative to traditional leather. With that said, it’s not quite as durable as its traditional counterpart. Suede leather is thinner than traditional leather. In terms of strength, traditional leather comes out on top. But if you’re looking for a super-soft jacket, you may want to choose suede leather. Suede leather isn’t necessarily weak, but it’s not as strong as traditional leather.

How Do You Clean a Suede Leather Jacket?

If you’re going to buy a suede leather jacket, you’ll need to know how to clean it. Suede leather jackets are low maintenance. Like all leather jackets, though, they still require cleaning. Suede leather jackets can accumulate dirt and debris that, if left unchecked, can turn into stains. Fortunately, you can protect your suede leather jacket from stains by spot cleaning it. Spot cleaning involves the use of a damp washcloth with some dish soap. You can spot clean a suede leather jacket by blotting it with a damp, soapy washcloth.

Do They Degrade Over Time?

It’s a common myth that leather jackets, including suede leather jackets, degrade over time. While most of them change, they typically don’t degrade. This rings true for all jackets made of real, high-quality leather, including suede leather jackets. Suede leather jackets actually develop a patina as they age. You may notice areas in which the suede leather is brighter than the rest. The suede leather may also feel softer in certain areas. This is a patina. Suede leather jackets will develop a patina naturally as they age.

Where Can I Buy Them?

Not all stores sell suede leather jackets. Many apparel stores only sell traditional leather jackets. The good news is that you can order a suede leather jacket here at LeatherCult. We offer one of the largest selections of high-quality leather jackets. All of our suede leather jackets are made of high-quality leather. When ordering a suede leather jacket, you can even choose a custom size. Custom-sized suede leather jackets are designed using your own body measurements, resulting in the perfect fit each and every time.