All About Ghost Rider Leather Jacket

All About Ghost Rider Leather Jacket

Ghostrider (2007) would be enjoyed in a completely different way by any biker and general audience. If James Bond has the sexiest cars, Ghostrider beat it with bikes on fire. Bikers would love to have their hand on the bike that comes to screen when Nicolas Cage puffs smoke and fire. We loved the chains, bikes, graphics, skulls on fire and of course his jacket. LeatherCult has made it possible for you to have an exact replica of Ghost Rider Leather Jacket with your name on it. And like how LeatherCult always does it, you are provided with a lot of variety and customizations. We got every color and frill you can possibly imagine. This blazing and stylish jacket is made of pure Napa soft leather that comes from sheep’s skin. We license you to impress the masses in the grandest way possible with our motor biker’s jacket inspired from Ghostrider. We bet you can beat the class of Johnny Blaze with our exotic collections of this replica.

Variety in colors and sizes

Fifty different colors are there for taking in case of Ghost Rider Leather Jacket. Classic, waxed, washes, washed and waxes are the ranges of colors available for this suit. Washed and waxed leather colors cost around 30% more than the classical solid colors. The jacket is available in all different sizes to suit anyone. Male and female sizes from slim to XXL are available for direct order from our site. If nothing fits you, you can still make a custom order, specifying your desired measurements for the suit.

More customization

There are more than 30 different lining cloths available with Ghost Rider Leather Jacket. Anything other than default style, charges an extra 20 USD to 60 USD, depending on the type of lining you picked. A monogram can be made inside your jacket. It charges as low as 10USD more to get the first bold line in the suit, while the second line is done for free. You can choose between brasses and nickel for zipper teeth built.

Ghost Rider Leather Jacket goes well with Jeans or khakis. With a variety of colors of suit for taking, you don’t have to worry about matching pants. A round neck T-shirt sported beneath the suit looks lovely on the eye. Wear the collars down for a casual look. Match your other apparels with color and texture of zipper teeth.

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