Explore the Growing Trend of Men’s Leather Pants

Explore the Growing Trend of Men’s Leather Pants

Leather pants have been trending for ages. Credit goes to native Americans who explored the options of creating pants from animal hide. Leather worked out as a great option as it was durable and sturdy. The apparels made from leather were versatile than their cloth counterparts. For this purpose lambskin, sheepskin, and even cow skin were used. Different types of leather were used as per their utility. The cow skin was sturdier and hence, used for more rugged jobs while lambskin and sheep’s skin had a soft feel so were used for other purposes. Over time, fashion evolved and leather pants came to become a style statement with many fashionistas flaunting it at fashion shows. Let’s find out more about this versatile piece of clothing that has caught the attention of many.

The luxurious feel

Even today pure leather pants are considered a style statement for young and old alike. As a matter of fact, 100% pure Napa Sheep’s skin is considered the most luxurious of all. It has a high grain texture which in turn makes your garment incredibly soft and comfortable. Nowadays tanners even add an element of stretch during the construction of leather from animal hides. The stretch gives more protection from creasing and folding over time. It also saves the garment from regular wear and tear.

Flaunt your style

The ever-growing demand for leather pants has been duly appreciated by designers as well. Every new season the common man gets to see a different innovative version of leather pants. There is huge scope for experimentation. Be it colors or design, you get to play around with the look as much as you like. To a large extent social media has been extremely helpful in spreading the style and making it iconic. Our celebrities have flaunted their personal collection of leather pants on various platforms time and again.

Buy a custom-made product

At LeatherCult, the collection of leather pants compromises inspirations taken from global celebrities. The designs are available in numerous shades as well. A very valid option of customization is also present. Just pick a design, color, and cut. Fill in your body measurements and leave the rest to our master tailors. Surely, it cannot get any simpler than this. If you want get creative, go ahead, and let us know. We assure you; your wish is our command.

You must be thinking why not pay a visit to any nearby retail store and buy leather pants instantly. Well, you can certainly do that but once you get the taste of custom-fit leather pants there will be no looking back. The leather pants will fit you perfectly and will fetch many compliments too. We at LeatherCult understand the fact that all bodies are perfect and unique in their shape. So, we deliver what you order as per your taste.

Style it up

Not sure what to order, well worry not! There are numerous styles to pick from. Take a clue from what is trending. Like trouser style pants in pure leather with a high waist or something with a tapered and straight fit generally looks good on one and all.

The classic color black or tan will never let you down. Although if you wish to stand out amongst the masses, do try out something in mustard or navy blue. These days many vibrant hues like bright greens or blue are also in vogue.

The aesthetic feel can be very contagious, just feel the vibe and you are good to rock. Complete your ensemble by wearing a crisp solid color shirt for any formal occasion and maybe a chequered one for a more casual feel.

Dress it up as per the weather

During winters you can spoil yourself with different looks. Add a cashmere scarf and a pair of boots to give a gentlemanly vibe. You may on the other hand add a leather coat or a trench coat for a more serious look. You can simply never go wrong with leather-on-leather trends.

For summers you can wear your leather pants with linen or cotton shirts. Leather makes for a breathable fabric. It can be paired well with almost anything and everything. Just keep in mind the occasion and time of the event. When paired with the right shirt or blazer, leather pants can be good enough for your next weekend bash. The versatility of leather pants itself speaks volumes about the style and fashion it holds. Once you become a proud owner of perfect-fitting leather pants, you will be craving for more.