How to Choose a Leather Trench Coat

How to Choose a Leather Trench Coat

Leather trench coats offer a unique blend of aesthetics, comfort and longevity. Like most leather coats, they are made of high-quality and genuine leather. The difference, however, is that leather trench coats are longer, with most of them extending to the knees when worn. Their long length makes them particularly useful for the winter season.

With a leather trench coat, you’ll stay warm even when the temperature outside begins to drop. Most leather coats only extend to the waist when worn. Leather trench coats, on the other hand, extend all the way to the knees when worn. As a result, they’ll cover more of your body while simultaneously protecting you from the cold winter weather. With so many different types of leather trench coats, though, how do you know which one to choose?

Premium Leather

It’s always a good idea to choose a leather trench coat that’s made of premium leather. Contrary to common belief, not all forms of leather are the same. Some leather is higher quality than others. If you’re going to buy a leather trench coat, you should check to see what type of leather it’s made of.

Faux leather is the worst choice of material for a leather trench coat. While it’s usually inexpensive, it doesn’t offer the same attractive characteristics as genuine leather. Faux leather trench coats have an artificial grain that’s not particularly soft or supple. Napa leather, on the other hand, is regarded as one of the highest-quality types of leather on the planet. Trench coats made of napa leather are incredibly soft and supple, making them a smart investment.

Consider Quilted for Extra Warmth

While all leather trench coats are warm, those featuring a quilted construction typically offer a superior level of warmth. Quilted leather trench coats are designed with an emphasis on warmth. They are still made of genuine leather. They are known as “quilted” because of the way in which they are stitched together.

Quilted leather trench coats contain many individual patches, each of which is filled with a stuffing material. The patches are usually stitched together to achieve a square shape. Because they are filled, they act as insulation for your body. When wearing a quilted leather trench coat, less heat will escape your body. This alternative form of leather outerwear will essentially insulate your body so that you stay warm and comfortable. You can still choose a traditional leather trench coat, but if you live in a particularly cold region, you should consider a quilted leather trench coat for the additional warmth.

Get the Right Color

You can’t choose a leather trench coat without considering the color. The color, of course, will define the garments with which you can wear it. If your leather trench coat features a color that clashes with your pants and shoes, you won’t be able to wear it — at least not without creating a clashing outfit. Therefore, you should choose a leather trench coat in a versatile color that matches your everyday outfits.

Popular colors for leather trench coats include the following:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Navy

These are just a few colors in which leather trench coats are made. You can still choose a different color. Just remember to consider the garments and accessories with which you intend to wear it. As long as the color matches your everyday garments and accessories, it will offer long-term value and utility.

Hand Pockets

Your hands will inevitably get cold during the winter season. Rather than wearing gloves, however, you can wear a trench coat with hand pockets.

As shown in the photo above, many leather trench coats are designed with hand pockets. They feature two pockets on the front in which you can place your hands. The pockets, of course, are made of the same genuine leather as the trench coat itself. Therefore, they’ll offer maximum protection against the cold weather. If your hands start getting cold, you can simply place them inside the front pockets for instant warmth.

Consider the Length

You should consider the length when choosing a leather trench coat. By definition, all leather trench coats are longer than traditional leather coats and jackets. They all extend past the waist when worn to provide extra protection against the cold weather. With that said, some leather trench coats are longer than others.

There are leather trench coats that extend to the thighs when, and there are also leather trench coats that extend to the ankles knees or shins when worn. You can choose any length, so long as it doesn’t touch the ground. If a leather trench coat touches the ground when worn, it’s too long. As the bottom of the leather trench coat drags on the ground, it may sustain damage that’s difficult or even impossible to repair.

Built-In Belt

Some leather trench coats feature a built-in belt. They are designed with a belt that you can wrap around your waist to enhance the warmth and aesthetics of your leather trench coat.

How can a built-in belt keep you warm exactly? Well, leaving the front of your leather trench coat open will expose your body to the cold air, assuming it’s cold outside. By wrapping the belt around your waist, your leather trench coat will remain closed. More importantly perhaps, your leather trench coat will sit closer to your body.

Belts are also attractive. Wearing a belt will define your waistline and improve the appearance of your leather trench coat. You can always choose a traditional and separate belt to wear. An easier and more stylish solution, though, is to buy a leather trench with a built-in belt.

In Conclusion

A leather trench coat is an excellent choice of outerwear for the winter. Consisting of a long-length coat made of genuine leather, you can’t go wrong with a leather trench coat. When shopping for a leather trench coat, however, you should take your time to ensure you get the right one.