How to Keep Your Leather Jacket Looking New

How to Keep Your Leather Jacket Looking New

Congratulations on your decision to buy a leather jacket. It’s a smart investment that will pay off in the long run. With a leather jacket, you can enhance your physical appearance while instilling greater self-confidence in yourself. Of course, leather jackets are also super-comfortable, which is another reason why they are the preferred choice of outwear among countless men and women. But if you want to keep your leather jacket looking new, there are a few things you should know. For some helpful tips and tricks on how to maintain and preserve the original look of a genuine leather jacket, keep reading.

Choose Genuine Leather

Just because a jacket “looks” like it’s made of leather doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. In an attempt to cut corners and increase profits, many retail stores sell cheap jackets made of fake leather. Also known as “faux” leather, it shares similar characteristics to genuine leather in terms of appearance. Faux leather maintains a similar shiny appearance, a similar texture, and even a similar composition. However, there’s simply no comparison to the real deal. The problem — well, one of the problems — with faux leather is that it smells like chemicals, whereas real leather has a naturally distinct and pleasing odor. Faux leather jackets are also more likely to degrade over time, so if you want to keep your jacket looking new, stick with the real deal. You can expect to pay more for a genuine leather jacket, but most people will agree that it’s well worth the cost.

Don’t Wash it in the Washing Machine

Assuming your jacket is made of 100% genuine leather, it’s best to avoid washing it in the washing machine. Leather and water don’t go well together. When exposed to water, leather becomes saturated, which can result in serious damage. Granted, exposing your leather jacket to just a small amount of moisture, such as rain or a spilled water bottle, isn’t going to do any harm. But if you leave your leather jacket outside when it’s raining, or if you place your leather jacket in a clothes washing machine, the moisture will settle deep inside the pores where it causes serious damage — and this damage can make your leather jacket look old. If you want to keep your leather jacket looking new, it’s best to avoid washing it in the washing machine.

Read the Care Label

So, what’s the best way to clean and care for a leather jacket without causing damage? Being that different manufacturers use different techniques to produce their jackets, there’s no single best solution. Some leather jackets require different steps to clean and care for them. The only way you’ll know which method works best for your leather jacket is by reading the care label. Found directly inside the neckline, the care label reveals the manufacturer’s recommendations on how to clean and care for the garment without causing damage to in the process.

How to Keep Your Leather Jacket Looking New Leathercult

Spot Clean Stains

When you accidentally spill a beverage or any other stain-causing liquid on your leather jacket, act fast to clean it. Again, you shouldn’t clean a leather jacket by placing it in the washing machine, as this can further damage it. Instead, spot-clean the stain using a damp washcloth. Run a clean washcloth under lukewarm water, after which you can use this damp washcloth to blot the stained area on your leather jacket. As long as the stain is minor and hasn’t set in yet, this should make easy work of it. And if this alone isn’t enough to clean it, refer back to the jacket’s care label for further instructions on how to clean it. The good is that most minor stains can be easily cleaned simply by blotting the area with a washcloth. This is a safe, easy and effective way to clean a leather jacket. Just remember to go back over the newly cleaned area of your jacket with a dry washcloth to further remove any lingering moisture.

Quality Matters

Of course, it’s important to choose a high-quality leather jacket. Just because it’s genuine leather doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s high-quality. So, where do you find high-quality leather jackets for sale? By shopping here on our website! We offer one of the largest selections of high-quality leather jackets, garments and accessories, all at unbeatable prices. By choosing us, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting only the highest quality leather jackets and products available. Don’t get fooled by competitors who try to sell cheap leather jackets, which often break down and degrade just months later. If you want your leather jacket to look new for years to come, stick with a high-quality jacket sold here at LeatherCult.

Condition it

We’ve talked about this before on our blog, but it’s worth mentioning again that leather jackets require conditioning to preserve their original appearance and protect against damage. Over time, leather may lose its natural moisture content, causing it to dry out and even crack. Thankfully, damage such as this is easily prevented by conditioning the leather. There are special leather conditioning products, such as Saddle Soap, which protect against dryness-related damaged. Applying a conditioning product supplies the leather with much-needed moisture, keeping it soft, fresh and looking like new.

Make Sure it Fits

Before buying or ordering a leather jacket, make sure it fits. You’ll have an easier time preserving its “new” appearance if it fits. When a leather jacket is too small, for instance, the material will stretch and pull; thus, damaging the leather while making it look old and worn in the process. If the jacket fits, however, it will maintain its original appearance for years to come. Buying a fitted leather jacket isn’t always easy, though. You can shop at countless leather goods and retail stores throughout your area to no avail. If this sounds like a familiar scenario, consider ordering your leather jacket from the leather experts here at LeatherCult.