Leather Dresses: 7 Tips on Finding the Perfect Style

Leather Dresses: 7 Tips on Finding the Perfect Style

A leather dress is a versatile garment that’s perfect for the spring and summer months. With its leather construction, you can rest assured knowing that it will last a long time. All leather garments are long-lasting, and leather dresses are no exception. More importantly, perhaps, leather dresses look amazing. But if you’re going to buy a leather dress, you’ll need to choose the right type.

#1) Look for Real Leather

There’s no substitution for real leather. Dresses made of real leather are superior to those made of faux leather. They are typically softer, suppler and offer a more genuine leather appearance.

Faux leather dresses, of course, aren’t made of real leather. As their name suggests, they are made of fake leather. Faux leather is synthetic leather. It may look like real leather from afar, but it lacks the attractive qualities of real leather. If you’re going to buy a leather dress, take a moment to ensure it’s made of real leather.

#2) Consider the Length

You should consider the length when shopping for a leather dress. The length of a leather dress may vary. Some of them are short, whereas others are long. Short leather dresses are typically classified as mini. Long leather dresses, on the other hand, are classified as maxi. There are also medium-length leather dresses, which are classified as midi.

A long leather dress will cover more of your legs. As a result, you may want to stick with a maxi leather dress if you’re planning to wear it during the cooler months of the year. But for the warmer months of the year, a mini or midi leather dress will likely prove more comfortable to wear. They are both shorter than maxi leather dresses, with mini being the shortest.

#3) Single Color vs Two Tone

Leather dresses are available in different colors. You can find them in just about any color, in fact. With that said, the number of colors a leather dress features may vary. Some leather dresses feature a single. Others feature two colors.

For a traditional style, you may want to choose a single-colored leather dress. An all-black leather dress, for instance, will offer a traditional style that looks amazing no matter how you wear it. For a more modern style, though, you may want to choose a two-tone leather dress. Two-tone leather dresses are characterized by the use of two colors. They typically feature a primary color and a secondary color. The secondary color will complement the primary color while offering a bolder, more modern style.

#4) Built-In Belt

You may discover that some leather dresses come with a built-in belt. They feature a narrow band of fabric — typically the same leather from which they are made — around the waistline. When wearing one of these leather dresses, you can wrap the belt around your waist while wearing it like a belt.

What’s the purpose of a built-in belt exactly? It won’t necessarily prevent your leather dress from falling down; leather dresses stay up on their own, so you don’t need a belt or any other accessory to prevent them from falling down. A built-in belt simply adds a new visual element that helps to define the waistline of a leather dress. For a more modern and unique style, you may want to choose a leather dress with a built-in belt.

#5) Consider the Sleeve Style

Don’t forget to consider the sleeve style when choosing a leather dress. Different leather dresses have a different sleeve style. The most common is sleeveless. As you probably know, sleeveless leather dresses lack any sleeves. Your arms will be completely exposed while wearing a sleeveless leather dress.

There are also short-sleeve leather dresses. Short-sleeve leather dresses have partial-length sleeves. They won’t leave your arms completely exposed. Rather, short-sleeve leather dresses will cover the upper part of your arms while leaving the rest of your arms exposed. And you can even find leather dresses with longer-length sleeves. Regardless, you’ll need to consider the sleeve style if you’re planning to buy a leather dress.

#6) Pay Attention to the Lining

You should pay attention to the lining when choosing a leather dress as well. Not all leather dresses are made entirely of leather; some of them feature an interior lining as well. Lining refers to a separate layer of fabric that’s added to the interior of a garment, including leather dresses. You typically won’t be able to see the lining while wearing a leather dress. Nonetheless, you’ll be able to feel it.

Lining often consists of a silky-smooth fabric, such as viscose. For an ultra-comfortable leather dress, you may want to look for viscose lining such as this. Leather dresses with viscose lining are typically more comfortable to wear than those with other types of lining, as well as those without any lining.

#7) Get the Right Size

Leather dresses are available in different sizes. When shopping for a leather dress, you’ll need to ensure that it fits your body. Unfortunately, you can’t always rely on generic sizes. You may wear one size in a particular brand of dresses and another size in a different brand. How do you get the right size exactly?

For the right size, order a custom-sized leather dress here at LeatherCult. Custom-sized leather dresses don’t feature a generic size. Rather, they are customized using your own body measurements. You can specify your body measurements when ordering a custom-sized leather dress. Upon receiving these measurements, we’ll use them to design a leather dress that fits your body perfectly.

In Conclusion

No wardrobe is complete without a leather dress. By investing in a leather dress, you’ll be able to take advantage of this stylish and comfortable garment. Just remember to look for real leather, consider the length, explore single vs two-tone colors, check for a built-in belt, consider the sleeve style, pay attention to the lining and get the right size.