Leather Pants: 7 Things You Need to Know

Leather Pants: 7 Things You Need to Know

Have you come across leather pants when shopping for new clothes? They’ve become a popular alternative to traditional pants. Characterized by a leather construction, they are both soft and durable. Leather pants will keep you comfortable all day long while offering countless years of use and enjoyment. There are a few things you need to know, however, when buying leather pants.

#1) Trousers vs Jeans

Most leather pants can be categorized as either trousers or jeans, depending on their style. Leather trousers offer a more traditional style, whereas leather jeans offer a newer and more modern style. Leather jeans aren’t necessarily made of denim. Rather, they are designed with an emphasis on durability — just like regular jeans.

Both leather trousers and leather jeans are made of leather. The difference is that leather jeans are stronger and more durable than their trouser counterparts. If you’re going to buy a new pair of leather pants, you’ll need to determine whether trousers or jeans or right for you.

#2) Available in Different Types of Leather

You can find leather pants available in different types of leather. Some of them are made of low-quality leather. Other leather pants are made of high-quality leather. When made of low-quality leather, you can expect to pay less for a pair of leather pants.

With that said, you’ll get a better bang for your buck by investing in a pair of high-quality leather pants. Napa leather pants, for example, are made of premium napa leather. They are softer and more durable than pants made of other, lower-quality types of leather. Napa isn’t the only type of leather used in the construction of pants. Nonetheless, napa is regarded as one of the world’s highest-quality types of leather, making it an excellent material for pants as well as other leather garments.

#3) Check the Length

Don’t forget to check the length when shopping for leather pants. While most leather pants feature a full length, this doesn’t apply to all of them. Leather pants are available in a range of different lengths. In addition to full length, you can find partial-length leather pants.

A common example is leather capris. Capris are longer than shorts but shorter than full-length pants. With their partial length, many women prefer leather capris over full-length leather pants during the spring and summer months. Full-length leather pants, on the other hand, are a better choice for the cooler months of the year. They’ll cover all of your legs when worn, thereby protecting you from the cold weather.

#4) Consider the Cut

You should consider the cut when shopping for leather pants. What is the cut exactly? The term “cut” refers to the way in which a pair of pants are designed to fit. It’s not the same as the size. When referring to leather pants, as well as other types of pants, the cut is the way in which they are designed to fit.

If you’re planning to wear boots with them, you may want to choose boot-cut leather pants. Boot-cut leather pants have a tapered bottom that becomes wider. The bottom of the pant legs are wider than the rest of the leather pants. This design allows you to slide the leather pants over the top of your boots. Boot cut is just one of many cuts in which leather pants are made.

Some of the different cuts in which leather pants are made include the following:

  • Boot cut
  • Relaxed fit
  • Baggy
  • Skinny
  • Straight leg
  • Low rise
  • Medium rise
  • High rise

#5) Don’t Ignore Stretch Leather

You can find leather pants available in stretch leather. Known as stretch leather pants, they’ve become increasingly popular in recent years. With stretch leather pants, you’ll be able to bend and move your body freely without experiencing discomfort. Stretch leather pants live up to their namesake by featuring a stretchy construction.

Stretch leather pants are still made primarily of real leather. However, they contain a small amount of an elastic material as well. This elastic material is responsible for their stretchy properties. You can bend and pull stretch leather pants without causing permanent deformation. Stretch leather pants will retain their original shape and size.

When compared to a regular pair of leather pants, stretch leather pants look almost identical. They are available in the same cuts, and they feature the same appearance. Stretch leather pants are unique, though, because they contain an elastic material. In comparison, regular leather pants are only made of leather.

#6) Buttons or a Zipper

When shopping for leather pants, consider the fly style. Like with most other types of pants, they are available in two primary fly styles: buttons or a zipper. Some leather pants have a column of buttons on the fly, whereas others have a zipper. With either buttons or a zipper, you can easily take on and off your leather pants.

Some people prefer leather pants with buttons on the fly. Other people prefer leather pants with a zipper on the fly. Neither of these fly styles is better than the other. It’s ultimately a personal decision. Nonetheless, you should consider the fly style when choosing leather pants.

#7) Look for Rivets

You should look for rivets when choosing a pair of leather pants. What are rivets exactly, and why are they are important? Rivets are metal fasteners that reinforce seams. Leather pants aren’t made entirely of a single piece of leather. Most of them are made of multiple pieces of leather. The areas where these individual pieces of leather are joined are reinforced with metal snap-like buttons known as rivets.

Rivets provide increased structural integrity for leather pants. They’ll hold the seams together so that the leather pants are less likely to rip and tear. All leather pants are durable. After all, durability is a defining characteristic of real leather. Those with rivets, however, are typically more durable than leather pants without rivets. Rivets will hold the seams together, allowing for increased durability.