Moto Jackets: A Modern Take on Motorcycle Jackets

Moto Jackets: A Modern Take on Motorcycle Jackets

When shopping for a new leather jacket, you may come across moto jackets. They offer a modern take on traditional motorcycle jackets. Moto jackets are available in the same high-quality leather materials as their traditional counterparts, but they feature a modern style that distinguishes them from the rest. What are moto jackets exactly, and what benefits do they offer?

What Is a Moto Jacket?

A moto jacket is a type of leather jacket with many of the same features as traditional motorcycle jackets but with a sleeker and more modern style. Motorcycle jackets have been around for over a century. Some of the first motorcycle jackets emerged in the early 1900s. After being introduced to them, motorcycle riders from across the world began wearing them. Moto jackets share many similarities with these same traditional motorcycle jackets, but they look

Moto Jackets vs Traditional Motorcycle Jackets

Both moto jackets and traditional motorcycle jackets are typically made of leather. Leather is stronger and thicker than other common jacket materials. When made of leather, motorcycle jackets offer greater warmth and protection from injury. While moto jackets and traditional motorcycle jackets are both made of leather, though, they aren’t the same. There are several key differences between them that you need to know.

Moto jackets typically place a greater emphasis on style and appearance than traditional motorcycle jackets. You can find them in many different colors and patterns. Traditional motorcycle jackets aren’t limited to any single color or pattern, either. But traditional motorcycle jackets are typically designed with an emphasis on protection rather than style and appearance.

Moto jackets also fit differently than traditional motorcycle jackets. Traditional leather motorcycle jackets are usually baggier. They feature excess material that manifests in the form of a baggy fit. Moto jackets, in comparison, offer a more form-fitting design. They contour to the shape of your body. They have little or no excess material, so moto jackets tend to fit more snug than traditional motorcycle leather jackets.

Benefits of Moto Jackets

Considering that there are plenty of other leather jackets available for sale, including traditional motorcycle jackets, you might be wondering what benefits moto jackets offer. With their form-fitting design, you can rest assured knowing that a moto jacket will complement your body. Form-fitting garments, such as moto jackets, create the perception of a slimmer and taller figure. They won’t actually change your body’s dimensions, but wearing a moto jacket can still make you look slimmer and taller because of their form-fitting design.

Moto jackets are warm. They are warmer, in fact, than most other coats and jackets. At the top of a typical moto jacket is a collar fastener. After zipping up the front of a moto jacket, you can fasten the collar so that your body and neck stay warm.

While their features vary, some moto jackets are padded. Padding is a common feature of both traditional motorcycle jackets and moto jackets. It’s a form of protection, which motorcycle riders value. You can find moto jackets with and without padding.

There are plenty of pockets on moto jackets. Most moto jackets feature anywhere from two to four front pockets. if you ride a own motorcycle, you can use these pockets to store small items.

You don’t have to own or otherwise ride a motorcycle to take advantage of a moto jacket. They are available for everyone. Many men and women simply prefer the modern appearance of moto jackets over traditional coat and jacket styles. Even if you’ve never stepped onto a motorcycle, you can still include a moto jacket in your outfits.

What to Look for When Choosing a Moto Jacket

Not all moto jackets are made equal. If looking to invest in a moto jacket, you should choose one made of napa leather.

Napa leather is a type of premium leather that’s characterized by an ultra-fine grain. All types of real leather have a grain. The grain on napa leather, however, is finer than that of other types of leather. The end result is a super-soft texture. Moto jackets made of napa leather are softer than coats and jackets made of other types of leather.

Don’t assume that faux leather is just as good as real leather. Some moto jackets are made of faux leather. While they may look similar to those made of real leather, they fall short in many ways. Faux leather jackets, including moto jackets, aren’t as durable as those made of real leather. Faux leather doesn’t consist of animal hide. Also known as artificial leather, it’s a synthetic material consisting of a base material that’s coated in a plastic-like layer. If you’re going to buy a moto jacket, you should avoid choosing one made of faux leather.

You should look for a universal color when choosing a moto jacket. Universal colors consist of primary colors that match most other colors on the color wheel. They don’t clash with a lot of other colors. Instead, universal colors flow cohesively with nearly all other colors. This means you can wear a moto jacket in more outfits if it features a universal color. Black, brown and white are all popular universal colors in which moto jackets are made.

Depending on when and how you intend to wear it, you may want to choose a moto jacket with a quilted lining. Lining consists of a layer of material that’s added to the interior of a coat or jacket. Moto jackets are available with lining, including quilted lining. Quilted lining is characterized by the use of a quilted, patchwork-style lining material. It offers a high level of thermal insulation. Therefore, if you’re planning to wear a moto jacket during the winter, you may want to choose a style with quilted lining.

In Conclusion

Moto jackets offer a fresh take on traditional motorcycle jackets. They offer many of the same features as traditional motorcycle jackets — padding, collar fastener, pockets, etc., — but with a sleeker and more modern appearance.