The Ultimate Guide to Kids’ Leather Jackets

The Ultimate Guide to Kids’ Leather Jackets

Not all leather jackets are designed for adults. Some of them are designed for kids. Kids’ leather jackets are available in many of the same colors and styles as their adult counterparts. They are simply smaller so that kids can comfortably wear them. Whether you’re planning to buy a kids’ leather jacket for your son or daughter, though, there are several things you need to know.

Benefits of Investing in a Kids’ Leather Jacket

Why should you buy a kids’ leather jacket exactly? For starters, they offer a superior level of comfort when compared to traditional coats and jackets. If you’ve ever worn a leather jacket before, you may recall its soft texture. Kids’ leather jackets offer this same soft texture, thus providing an exceptional level of comfort. Your son or daughter can comfortably wear a kids’ jacket without experiencing any form of irritation.

Kids’ leather jackets also last a long time. Assuming you care for it, your kids’ leather jacket may last for well over a decade. Your son or daughter, of course, may outgrow it by this time. When this occurs, you can either keep your kids’ leather jacket for sentimental purposes, or you can resell it to a consignment shop. Regardless, kids’ leather jackets are long-lasting. Many of them will last years or even decades without showing any major signs of degradation.

You shouldn’t have any problems maintaining a kids’ leather jacket. They are very easy to maintain. When dirty, you can spot clean a kids’ leather jacket with warm water and dish soap. You can also soften a kids’ leather jacket by conditioning it. Cleaning and conditioning your kids’ leather jacket will preserve its appearance while extending its overall life.

Look for Real Leather

When choosing a kids’ leather jacket, make sure it’s made of real leather. Like with all leather jackets, you can find them in different materials. Some kids’ leather jackets are made of real leather, whereas others are made of artificial leather.

If you’re going to invest in a kids’ leather jacket, you should skip those made of artificial leather. Instead, choose a kids’ leather jacket made of real leather. There’s no substitution for real leather. The problem with artificial leather is that it doesn’t have the same soft texture or unique physical properties as real leather. Artificial leather is a type of synthetic material. It’s tougher, scratchier and more susceptible to hands of time. Therefore, you should look for real leather when shopping for a kids’ leather jacket.

Consider the Style

You can’t choose the perfect kids’ leather jacket without considering the style. As previously mentioned, you can find kids’ leather jackets in many of the same styles as adult leather jackets. They are available in biker styles, for instance. Biker styles are those that are synonymous with motorcycle apparel. Kids’ leather jackets in a biker style are simple, classic and easy to incorporate into outfits.

There are other styles in which kids’ leather jackets are made besides biker. Some kids’ leather jackets are designed to mimic the appearance of popular leather jackets worn in movies. The X-Men 3 Wolverine Kids’ Leather Jacket, for example, features the same style as depicted in the X-Men movie of its namesake. There’s also a Lego Batman Kids’ Leather Jacket that features the Lego Batman logo on it.

For a more kid-friendly style, you may want to choose either the X-Men 3 Wolverine Kids’ Leather Jacket or the Lego Batman Kids’ Leather Jacket. Alternatively, you can’t go wrong with biker style. Just remember to choose a style that leaves your son or daughter feeling confident.

Hood or No Hood

Hooded leather jackets have become increasingly popular in recent years. You can now find both adult and kids’ leather jackets with a hood. When shopping for a kids’ leather jacket, you’ll need to decide whether or not to go with a hood.

Aside from being popular, hooded kids’ leather jackets offer protection against the rain. Your son or daughter can pull the hood over his or her head to stay dry during rainy weather. Hooded kids’ leather jackets are also warmer than non-hooded kids’ leather jackets. If it’s cold outside, a hooded kids’ leather jacket will offer thermal insulation that keeps your son or daughter warm.

Opt for Monogramming

You may want to opt for monogramming when shopping for a kids’ leather jacket. What is monogramming exactly, and why should choose a kids’ leather jacket with it?

Monogramming is a form of customization that involves adding a name — or any other word or combination of words — to the inside of a garment. It allows you to add your son’s or daughter’s name to the leather jacket. His or her name will be sewn into the leather jacket.

With monogramming, your kids’ leather jacket is less likely to get lost. It will always feature your son’s or daughter’s name. Therefore, even if it does get lost, you should be able to find it. At the same time, monogramming will make your kids’ leather jacket exclusive to your son or daughter, in which case he or she will probably wear it more often.

Get Measurements Before Ordering

Prior to ordering a kids’ leather jacket, you should get your son’s or daughter’s body measurements. All of the leather jackets offered here at LeatherCult come with custom sizing at no additional charge — and kids’ leather jackets are no exceptions. You can include your son’s or daughter’s body measurements in your order, which we’ll use to create a custom-sized kids’ leather jacket.

To take advantage of custom sizing, though, you’ll need to get your son’s or daughter’s body measurements. Custom sizing eliminates the risk of your kids’ leather jacket being too small or too big. It will fit your son or daughter perfectly. For the custom sizing, follow the instructions on the order page to get your son’s or daughter’d body measurements.