What Are Leather Dungaree Shorts?

What Are Leather Dungaree Shorts?

Leather dungaree shorts have become one of the hottest trends in women’s fashion. Available for sale here at LeatherCult, they are both comfortable and stylish — two essential qualities that make them a popular choice. Leather dungaree shorts are the same as traditional leather shorts, though. They feature a unique style that distinguishes them from other types of shorts. What are leather dungaree shorts exactly?

The Basics of Leather Dungaree Shorts

Leather dungaree shorts consist of shorts with built-in overalls. They are essentially a hybrid garment, combining shorts and overalls together. Leather dungaree shorts have shorts on the bottom and a pair of overalls on the top.

You can find leather dungaree shorts made of premium leather, including napa leather. Napa leather has a soft texture thanks to its fine grain. All leather materials have a grain. With that said, napa leather has a smaller, finer grain than nearly all other types of leather. As a result, dungaree shorts made of napa leather are generally softer and smoother.

Leather Dungaree Shorts vs Leather Shorts: What’s the Difference?

The difference between leather dungaree shorts and leather shorts is that only the former has overalls. All leather dungaree shorts are constructed with a pair of overalls built into them. They still have shorts on the bottom, but the shorts are connected to a pair of overalls. In comparison, leather shorts don’t have built-in overalls.

There are also leather dungaree dresses. Leather dungaree dresses feature the same built-in overalls as dungaree shorts. Rather than having pant legs, though, leather dungaree dresses have an open skirt-like bottom.

Why Choose Leather Dungaree Shorts

With leather dungaree shorts, you can create a fashionable appearance that leverages the timeless qualities of leather. Garments made of real leather are naturally attractive. Whether it’s a jacket or pair of dungaree shorts, they’ll

Even though they are technically shorts — with built-in overalls, of course — you can still wear leather dungaree shorts during the winter. Many women wear them with leggings. For additional warmth, simply wear a pair of leggings underneath your leather dungaree shorts. The leggings will cover your legs, whereas the leather dungaree shorts will enhance your appearance.

Another reason to choose leather dungaree shorts is versatility. They are versatile and can be worn in many different outfits. Since they don’t have a full top, you’ll need to wear a top with them. Many women simply wear a t-shirt with their leather dungaree shorts, though others choose a formal blouse. You can also wear a coat or jacket over your leather dungaree shorts. Regardless, leather dungaree shorts are very versatile. They won’t restrict your outfit options. Rather, they’ll open the doors to new outfit options that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

Leather dungaree shorts are also easy to maintain. Since they are made of leather, you don’t have to worry about washing them. They will resist most stains and blemishes while offering a clean and uniform appearance. If your leather dungaree shorts happen to get dirty, you can spot clean them.

Things to Consider When Choosing Leather Dungaree Shorts

For the greatest utility, choose a pair of leather dungaree shorts made of real leather. Some stores sell dungaree shorts made of faux leather. Although they look like real leather, they aren’t the same. Faux leather is essentially artificial leather. It’s made of a synthetic material that fails to capture the attractive qualities of real leather. You’ll get more use, as well as value, out of real leather dungaree shorts.

You should consider the color when choosing leather dungaree shorts. Like with most other leather garments, black and brown are popular colors for leather dungaree shorts. Whether you choose black or brown, you’ll have the freedom to wear your new leather dungaree shorts in most of your day-to-day outfits. Black and brown are universal colors, and like all universal colors, they flow cohesively with most other colors on the color wheel.

Leather dungaree shorts are limited to black and brown, however. They are made in dozens of other colors. Maybe you prefer red leather dungaree shorts, or perhaps you prefer green. Regardless of your preference, there’s probably a pair of leather dungaree dresses in that color.

Of course, you should consider the size when choosing leather dungaree shorts. Most leather dungaree shorts are designed with adjustable shoulder straps. You can tighten or loosen these straps to raise or lower their built-in overalls. Nonetheless, you should still choose a pair of leather dungaree shorts in an appropriate size for your body.

Tips on Wearing Leather Dungaree Shorts

There’s really no wrong way to wear leather dungaree shorts. As long as you feel comfortable and confident in them, that’s all that matters. Nonetheless, there are a few things you should know when wearing dungaree leather shorts.

If it’s cold outside, you may want to accessorize your leather dungaree shorts with leggings. Many women wear leggings with their leather dungaree shorts during the winter for added protection against the cold weather. Leggings will cover your legs so that they aren’t directly exposed to the cold weather.

It’s important to wear the right shirt or top with leather dungaree shorts. Although they have built-in overalls, they don’t have a complete top. As a result, you’ll need to wear a separate shirt or top with your leather dungaree shorts. For a fashionable outfit, choose a shirt or top that flows cohesively with the color of your leather dungaree shorts. It doesn’t have to be the same color. Your shirt or top, however, should complelement the color of your leather dungaree shorts.

You should also spot clean your leather dungaree shorts if they get dirty. Assuming they are made of real leather, you won’t need to completely wash them. It’s best to avoid washing leather, in fact, so that it doesn’t suffer from water damage. Instead, spot clean your leather dungaree shorts with a damp washcloth.