What Is a Studded Leather Jacket?

What Is a Studded Leather Jacket?

Leather jackets come in dozens of different styles. There are classic styles, such as biker jackets, as well as newer and more modern styles, such as studded leather jackets. Studded leather jackets are still made of the same leather material as biker jackets. However, they feature a unique design that distinguishes them from their counterparts. What are studded leather jackets exactly, and why should you consider wearing one?

Overview of Studded Leather Jackets

Studded leather jackets are a form of leather outerwear that’s defined by their use of metal studs. Metal studs are small pieces of metal — typically circular shaped — that are embedded on the front. To make a studded leather jacket, manufacturers will add dozens of these metal studs to the surface.

The number of metal studs, as well as the area in which they are placed, may vary. Some studded leather jackets have more studs than others. Some studded leather jackets also feature these studs in different areas. Regardless, the presence of these studs is what distinguishes studded leather jackets from traditional leather jackets.

Benefits of Wearing a Studded Leather Jacket

Like all leather jackets, studded leather jackets are comfortable. They are available in real leather, including napa leather, that’s softer and suppler than conventional textiles. As a result, you can wear a studded leather jacket all day long without fear of it irritating your skin or otherwise causing discomfort. Studded leather jackets are comfortable to wear for long periods.

Of course, studded leather jackets are attractive. Many people prefer the unique style of studded leather jackets over the traditional design of other leather jackets. With their metal studs, they feature a bold and modern appearance. You can wear a studded leather jacket in most casual outfits. They are versatile, modern and attractive.

Studded leather jackets are also long-lasting. As long as you clean and maintain your studded leather jacket, it shouldn’t succumb to premature wear and tear. Studded leather jackets can often last for many years — with some of them lasting for well over a decade. In comparison, other forms of outerwear often have a shorter lifespan by offering just a few years of use before sustaining damage. If you’re tired of constantly replacing your coat or jacket, you may want to invest in a studded leather jacket.

You can accessorize a studded leather jacket with other studded garments. There are studded leather pants, for instance, that feature the same or similar studs as those found on studded leather jackets. When worn together, they’ll complement the appearance of your studded leather jacket. You can even find accessories that feature studs. Studded bracelets, for example, are bracelets with metal studs. With a studded leather jacket, you can wear studded leather trousers, a studded bracelet or other studded items to create a more uniform and stylish appearance.

How to Choose a Studded Leather Jacket

While all studded leather jackets feature metal studs, not all of them are the same. If you’re going to buy a studded leather jacket, you’ll need to choose the right type. For starters, stick with a studded leather jacket that’s made of real, premium leather. Some stores sell studded leather jackets made of faux leather. The problem with faux leather is that it’s not actually real leather. Also known as synthetic or artificial leather, it’s a man-made material that’s designed to look like real leather.

You’ll get more utility out of a studded leather jacket if it’s made of real, premium leather. Real leather, of course, consists of animal hide that’s been processed and tanned. When compared to faux leather, real leather is softer, more durable and ages more gracefully. Therefore, you should choose a studded leather jacket made of real leather, such as napa leather.

Something else to consider when choosing a studded leather jacket is the color. Not all studded leather jackets feature the same color. You can find them in a variety of different colors. Not surprisingly, brown is one of the most popular colors in which studded leather jackets are made. Brown has become synonymous with real leather, so you shouldn’t struggle to find a studded leather jacket in brown. With that said, studded leather jackets are available in dozens of other colors, some of which include black, red, yellow, white and more.

You can’t choose the perfect studded leather jacket without considering the size. Studded leather jackets are available in different sizes. If it’s too big or too small, you probably won’t get much use out of it. Studded leather jackets in the wrong size are often uncomfortable to wear. And if even if you’re able to wear an oversized or undersized studded leather jacket, it may look awkward. To avoid these problems, consider choosing a custom-sized studded leather jacket, such as those offered here at LeatherCult.

Tips on Wearing a Studded Leather Jacket

There’s really no wrong way to wear a studded leather jacket. As long you are comfortable and confident in it, that’s all that matters. Nonetheless, there are a few tips that can help you take advantage of a studded leather jacket.

When wearing a studded leather jacket, make sure it matches the other garments and accessories in your outfit. As previously mentioned, studded leather jackets can be worn in conjunction with other studded garments and accessories. Of course, you can still wear a studded leather jacket with other garments and accessories. Even if they don’t feature studs, they may still match your jacket; you just need to ensure they follow the same color or general aesthetics.

You can wear a studded leather jacket with the front either open or closed. An open front means the buttons won’t be fastened. A closed front, conversely, means you’ll need to fasten the buttons. Some people prefer fastening the buttons on their studded leather jackets. With the front closed, your studded leather jacket will offer greater warmth and protection from the elements. If it’s hot outside, though, you may want to leave the front open.