What is Suede Leather?

What is Suede Leather?

You might have come across the word suede leather a lot of times when looking for leather clothing, but what is suede leather? Suede leather is one type of leather that is made using the underside of the animal skin. It is usually a much softer, breathable, and full-grain leather. Even though the most common animal used is lamb, it is also made of other animals like pigs, goats, calves, and deer.

The word ‘suede’ is derived from the term ‘grants de Suede,’ which means gloves of Sweden. In 1859, there were soft gloves produced in Sweden that were comfortable, luxurious, and greatly in demand. With the popularity of the material increasing, the term stuck, and any soft leather with raised fibers came to be known as ‘suede.’

Types of Suede Leather

The types of suede leather will depend on the animal hide used for the production of the leather. Some of the most popular types of suede used are:

  • Sheepskin Suede Leather: Sheepskin suede is made of lambs and sheep and is among the softest and the delicate suede leathers out there. It is also the lightest of the different suede leathers.
  • Cowhide Suede Leather: Cowhide is made of older animals making its much tougher among the different suede leathers. This suede leather is thick and highly durable.
  • Pigskin Suede Leather: Pigskin suede leather is also thick and durable. This kind of suede is tough and heavy type.

How is Suede Leather Made?

There are several different steps that leather has to go through to become suede leather. The process is called tanning and can take anywhere from a few days to months, depending on the tanning process. The most common method is chromium tanning that results in the production of soft, flexible, and durable leather. This leather is also good at holding dye pretty well compared to other leather. The process created aesthetically pleasing leather that is great for a number of products such as clothes, purses, wallets, gloves, bags, and other fashion accessories. The raised fibers in the suede leather are because of the sanding process. The sanding process can be applied to either side or both sides, depending on the need.

Level of Quality of Suede

Suede leathers are considered to be a high-quality product but not for what other leathers are known for. These kinds of leathers are thinner but softer than other leathers, and it is the reason they are used for. The quality of the suede will depend on the animal that the skin comes from. Lamb sheep are considered to produce the best quality of suede leather, while the cow leather is among the less desired ones. The tanning process also greatly affects the quality of the suede. Split and supple suede is also considered to be higher quality leather.

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Advantages of Suede Leather

  • High-quality suede is extremely durable
  • Smooth and luxurious feel
  • Soft and very comfortable against the skin
  • Easily pliable, making it easier to be molded in different shapes
  • Suede material can last for many years

Disadvantages of Suede Leather

  • Price is a little on the higher side compared to faux leather
  • Suede leather is a little thin
  • It needs proper care to maintain its smooth appearance
  • Dust and dirt can settle on it easily

How to Clean Suede Leather?

Many people end up destroying their suede leather products because they do not know how to clean suede leather properly. But it is quite simple. All you have to do is rub a moist, lint-free cloth on the surface. Move the cloth in a straight motion to remove the dirt and debris without grinding the fibers away. You might find that the moisture darkens the leather material a bit, but it will quickly air-dry. If you find that the stains on the suede leather are tougher, you can use a good leather cleaner to remove it without damaging the surface.


Real suede products are highly popular and are in great demand. Its softness and durability make it a great raw product for a wide range of leather products. Even though they do take a little bit of care, its comfortable feel and high quality make it something that you will appreciate for a long time.