Which Style of Leather Shorts Should You Choose?

Which Style of Leather Shorts Should You Choose?

Leather shorts are available in dozens of styles. Some of them feature a classic style, whereas others feature a newer and more modern style. Regardless, you can’t choose the perfect pair of leather shorts without considering the style. What style should you choose exactly? Below are some of the most common styles of leather shorts and how they differ. Familiarizing yourself with these styles will help you choose the perfect pair of leather shorts.


Cargo is a popular style in which leather shorts are made. Like all types of cargo shorts, cargo leather shorts feature side pockets. They don’t just feature standard pockets, though. Cargo leather shorts feature “cargo pockets,” which are typically deeper than their standard counterparts.

Some cargo leather shorts feature extra pockets as well. They may have two cargo pockets on the sides as well as two standard pockets above them and in the back. Many men and women prefer cargo leather shorts because they offer more pocket space to carry small items.


There are pleated leather shorts. When most people hear the word “pleats,” they envision trousers. Trousers are available in pleated styles as well. Unlike flat-front trousers, pleated trousers have one or more pleats consisting of folded fabric that’s sewn in place. Pleated leather shorts follow this same definition by featuring at least one pleat.

Pleated leather shorts offer a superior level of comfort when sitting. With non-pleated or flat-front leather shorts, sitting may cause them to stretch. As you sit down in a chair, flat-front leather shorts will stretch while constricting your thighs and waist. Pleated leather shorts are more forgiving because they are designed with pleats. These pleats will allow pleated leather shorts to flex rather than stretch as you transition from a standing to a seated position.


For a more modern appearance, you may want to choose a pair of quilted leather shorts. Quilted leather shorts are still made of leather. A leather construction, of course, is what distinguishes leather shorts from standard shorts. With that said, quilted leather shorts don’t have the same flat and smooth surface as standard leather shorts.

As their name suggests, quilted leather shorts feature a quilted construction. Like quilted blankets, they feature a geometric pattern of many individual patch-like sections. Quilted leather shorts may or may not have these patch-like sections stuffed with an insulating material.

Quilted leather shorts have become popular in recent years. Even if you already own a pair of leather shorts, you can diversify your outfits by investing in a pair of quilted leather shorts. With their patch-like sections of fabric, they offer a unique appearance that’s sleeker and more modern than standard leather shorts.


You can find leather shorts in ruffled styles. Ruffled leather shorts are characterized by the presence of ruffles. They feature sections of ruffled leather. The ruffled leather is typically found around the bottom. It’s essentially a band of leather that’s wider than the rest of the leather, resulting in a ruffled appearance.

So, should you choose a pair of ruffled shorts? Ruffled shorts are a stylish alternative to standard leather shorts. The ruffles don’t affect how the shorts feel when worn. They do, however, affect the leather shorts appearance. Ruffled leather shorts look differently because they have ruffled leather, which is typically found around the bottom of them.

Two Tone

While most leather shorts feature a single color, some of them feature two colors. Known as two-tone leather shorts, they offer a more colorful appearance. Tone-tone leather shorts don’t restrict you to a single color. They consist of two-color designs that allow you to create a more colorful outfit.

Keep in mind that two-tone leather shorts require the right combination of colors. All two-tone leather shorts have two colors. If the colors clash with each other, they won’t look right when worn. You can still choose a pair of two-tone leather shorts, but you should check to make sure the colors complement each other in a natural and aesthetically pleasing way.

If you’re going to buy a pair of two-tone leather shorts, consider these tips on choosing the right color combination:

  • Choose colors that contrast with other each. Black and white, for instance, is an excellent color combination for two-tone leather shorts because of the high contrast between black and white.
  • Choose colors that match your other garments, specifically your shirts or tops. If the colors clash with a particular shirt or top, you won’t be able to wear that shirt or top with your two-tone leather shorts.
  • Consider the time of year. It may sound unusual, but the time of year can affect the right color combination for two-tone shorts. For warmer months of the year, you may want to choose light colors. For the cooler months of the year, you may want to choose dark colors.


When researching some of the different styles of leather shorts, you may encounter Bermuda. Bermuda leather shorts are semi-casual shorts with a slim-fitted construction. They feature a smooth and clean appearance that’s synonymous with semi-casual fashion.

Compared to other styles of leather shorts, Bermuda leather shorts are more formal. You can’t necessarily wear them in strictly formal outfits. But you can wear them in semi-casual outfits that require a slightly higher level of formality.


There are leather capris available. Capris technically aren’t shorts, nor are they are considered trousers. Instead, they fall somewhere in the middle. Capris are longer than shorts, but they aren’t quite as long as trousers. While they are available in different lengths, most leather capris extend halfway between the knees and ankles when worn.

Leather capris are a great choice for the cooler months of the year. As the temperature begins to drop, you may be forced to stop wearing shorts. The good news is that you can often still wear capris, including leather capris. They are longer than shorts, so they’ll protect more of your legs from the cold weather.