Why Leather Dresses Are Becoming More and More Popular

Why Leather Dresses Are Becoming More and More Popular

There’s no denying the fact that leather dresses are becoming more and more popular. Whether you live on the East Coast, West Coast or somewhere in between, you’ve probably seen other women wearing this modern garment. Leather dresses have been around for decades. Up until now, though, they haven’t exactly gained mainstream popularity. But that’s expected to change as more and more women trade in their traditional cotton and linen dresses in favor of leather dresses. This begs the question, however: Why are leather dresses becoming more and more popular?

Soft and Comfortable on Your Skin

Unless you’ve worn a leather dress before, you might be surprised to learn just how comfortable they feel on your skin. Genuine leather has a soft, supple texture that’s simply not found in traditional fabrics. Of course, this is important if you plan to wear your dress for the entire day, which most women do. With its unparalleled level of softness, a leather dress is guaranteed to keep you comfortable throughout the day. In comparison, dresses made of cotton or other traditional fabrics may cause itching, chafing or discomfort.

Available in a Variety of Lengths

In the past, there weren’t many leather dresses from which to choose. Today, however, manufacturers offer a wide selection of leather dresses in a variety of lengths. Mini leather dresses, for example, are characterized by a short length that stops well above the knees. Midi leather dresses, on the other hand, have a slightly longer length that stops around the knees. And there are maxi leather dresses — the longest length — that stop between the knees and ankles. Regardless of which dress length you prefer, chances are that it’s available in leather.

No Pilling

You don’t have to worry about pilling with a leather dress. Pilling, as you may know, is characterized by the formation of pill-shaped fuzzballs on a garment. They develop when small, excess pieces of fabric accumulate on the surface of a garment. The good news is that pilling isn’t a problem with leather dresses. Since leather dresses are made of animal hide rather than traditional fabrics like cotton or wool, there’s zero risk of pilling. You can wear a leather dress for multiple consecutive days without worrying about it developing pill-shaped fuzzballs.

Super Strong

Leather dresses aren’t immune to physical damage, but the exceptional strength and durability of genuine leather offers a higher level of protection from physical damage than with other fabrics. If you get a cotton dress caught in your car door, for instance, it may rip the fabric, causing extensive damage that’s difficult and expensive to repair. The unique properties of leather, on the other hand, protect leather dresses from such damage. You should still use caution to avoid snagging your leather dress when wearing it, but leather is several times stronger than most other fabrics, making damage a rare occurrence.


Yet another reason why leather dresses are becoming more and more popular is because they are non-absorbent. Granted, leather dresses, as well as other leather garments and accessories, can still absorb moisture. However, they don’t absorb nearly as much moisture as traditional fabrics like cotton and wool. As a result, you can wear a leather dress in the rain, and it won’t become saturated with moisture. Furthermore, a leather dress won’t absorb your body’s perspiration. If you sweat — it’s bound to happen at some point — a leather dress will wick the perspiration away from your body rather than absorbing and holding it.


Long Lasting

A high-quality leather dress can last for decades. In fact, most women only stop wearing their leather dresses when they grow out of it. This is partly attributed to the fact that leather is strong and durable. However, leather dresses are also designed with an emphasis on quality. While dresses made of traditional fabrics are mass-produced, leather dresses are made using a more meticulous process that focuses on quality instead of quantity. This means that leather dresses will last for a long time. Even after 10 or 20 years, you should still be able to wear your leather dress if you clean and maintain it on a regular basis.

High Resale Value

Leather dresses retain more of their original value over time than dresses made of other fabrics. Maybe you can no longer fit into your dress, or perhaps you’re ready for a new style. Regardless, you can sell your used leather dress for top dollar. Fashion-conscious women are always looking to buy leather dresses, and many of them will pay a premium price for them. Some of the places where you can sell your used leather dress include eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, pawn shops, thrift stores and yard sales.

Custom Sizes

Did you know that you can purchase leather dresses in custom sizes? LeatherCult.com is the industry’s premier vendor of custom-sized leather dresses. When you shop at our online store, you can specify your own body measurements. After finding the perfect leather dress, just add it to your shopping cart and provide us with your body measurements. We’ll then use those measurements to create a custom-sized leather dress that fits your body perfectly. No two women have the same body shape or size. Therefore, traditional sizes like small, medium and large don’t always work. We offer an easier solution to finding leather dresses in the right size. Rather than using traditional measurements, we allow you to specify your own body measurements.

Classic, Timeless Appearance

Perhaps the most influential reason that leather dresses are becoming so popular is their classic, timeless appearance. It’s not uncommon for garments to fade from popularity. Even if a garment is popular this year, it may no longer be popular the following year. This isn’t an issue with leather dresses, however. Like all leather garments, they offer a classic appearance that’s able to withstand the hands of time for countless years to come. Whether it’s one year from now or 20 years from now, you can rest assured knowing that your leather dress will remain in style.