9 Reasons Why You Need a Leather Jacket

9 Reasons Why You Need a Leather Jacket

Jackets are available in dozens of different materials, some of which include wool, cotton, linen, polyester, and various synthetic blends. Each of these materials has its own unique characteristics. Cotton, for instance, is lightweight and soft, while wool is heavier, thicker and more appropriate for cold weather. Of all the different materials in which jackets are made, however, leather is arguably the best all-around choice. If you’re still skeptical of leather jackets, keep reading to learn nine undeniable reasons why you need one.

They Protect Your Body From Injury

A high-quality leather jacket offers more than just a stylish appearance; they offer tangible protection from physical injury. The thick material creates a padded layer of protection between your body and the outside world. This is why motorcycle riders often wear leather jackets when riding. But whether you’re a biker or not, you’ll reap the benefits of added protection when wearing a leather jacket. This is just one of many reasons why so many people prefer leather jackets over other forms of outerwear.

They’ve Been Around for More Than a Century

You might be surprised to learn that leather jackets have been around for over a century, with some of the earliest uses dating back to the 1900s, during which they were worn by aviation pilots and crewmen. Back then, airplane fuselages and cockpits lacked climate-controlled features, exposing pilots and crewmen to sub-freezing temperatures at high altitudes. In an effort to keep warm and protect against hypothermia, pilots and crewmen wore thick leather jackets; thus, paying the way for what would latter become known as the leather bomber jacket. By choosing a leather jacket, you can rest assured knowing that it will withstand the hands of time for countless years to come — something that cannot be said for other types of jackets and outerwear.

You Can Wear it For Formal or Casual Occasions

Some types of jackets are limited strictly for formal or casual occasions. A suit jacket, for instance, is the most formal type of outerwear and should only be worn for such occasions. A leather jacket, however, offers a higher level of versatility, allowing you to wear it for either casual or formal occasions. You can wear it when running errands around town, dining out with friends, or attending an important meeting with coworkers. This versatility is something you wont’ find in other jackets or outerwear. So, if you want a jacket that you can wear for both casual and formal occasions, stick with leather and avoid other materials.

It’s Soft and Durable

Leather jackets offer the best of both worlds in terms of their softness and durability. Normally, when a jacket is soft is it’s also susceptible to ripping, tearing and other forms of damage. But when a jacket is durable, it’s rough and not soft. Leather jackets, however, are both soft and durable. The texture is smooth and easy on the skin, but it’s also strong enough to protect against common forms of damage. This means you can wear it while working outdoors without fear of damaging the material.

Custom Sizes

It’s frustrating when you spend your hard-earned money on a new leather jacket, only to realize later that it doesn’t fit right. Maybe the sleeves are too long, or perhaps it’s too small in the chest. Being that no two people have the exact same body shape and size, you won’t always find the “perfect” size when shopping at local brick-and-mortar retail stores. Sure, you may get lucky and find the right size, but this rarely happens. Instead, you’ll end up with a jacket that’s either too big or too small. Assuming you order your leather jacket here at LeatherCult, however, you can specify your own measurements, which we’ll use to create the perfect fit. This ensures you get the perfect leather jacket that’s made according to your body shape and size.

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Dust and Moisture Resistant

A lesser-known benefit of leather jackets that’s often overlooked is the material’s resistance to dust and moisture. Granted, leather isn’t waterproof, but it’s not going to weaken or otherwise become damaged when exposed to small amounts of water. You can wear it day after day without fear of moisture or dust damaging it. The rugged texture of leather is one of the reasons why so many people choose to wear leather jackets over other coats.

It’s Easy to Maintain

It’s also worth noting that leather jackets are easy to maintain. When your leather jacket becomes dirty, you can usually clean it by wiping the surface with a damp washcloth. Any lingering dust or debris will be wiped away, leaving your leather jacket looking pristine and new. Of course, you should also condition your leather jacket on a regular basis to prevent it from drying out. There are several different ways to do this, though one of the easiest is to apply a leather conditioning product like saddle soap. Conditioning products such as this are designed to moisturize leather with just enough water to keep it soft and supple. When leather dries out, it may crack open. So, don’t forget to clean and condition your leather jacket on a regular basis.

Leather is a Smart Investment

While leather jackets often cost more than cheap, lower-quality coats, you have to look at it like an investment. Like any investment, buying a leather jacket costs money. However, you’ll end up getting more use and enjoyment out of it than other jackets and coats.

Variety of Styles

Finally, leather jackets are available in a wide variety of styles. You can find basic bomber jacket styles, as well as newer and more modern styles. Regardless of your personal style, chances are there’s a leather jacket out there with your name on it. It’s up to you, however, to find it.