How to Rock a Leather Blazer (The Right Way)

How to Rock a Leather Blazer (The Right Way)

Thinking about investing in a new leather blazer? Well, you’ve made the right choice! Few garments offer the same level of versatility as a leather blazer. Combining the elements of a traditional blazer with the attractive properties of leather, it’s a stunning addition to any wardrobe. With that said, however, many people are never worn a leather blazer, so they don’t know the best way to style them. If this sounds familiar, keep reading for some helpful tips on how to rock a leather blazer… the right way.

What is a Blazer?

Before we begin, it’s important to note that a blazer isn’t the same as a sports coat or suit jacket. Some people assume these three garments are the same, but this isn’t necessarily true. While sports coats, suit jackets and blazers all share some common similarities, there are subtle nuances separating them from one another. A blazer, for instance, falls somewhere between a sports coat and suit jacket in terms of formality. It’s more formal than a sports coat, but not quite as formal as a suit jacket. Therefore, it’s the perfect “balanced” form of outerwear for casual, semi-casual and even some formal occasions.

One, Two or Three Buttons?

When shopping for a new leather blazer, you’ll notice that they come in a wide variety of button configurations, the most common being one, two or three buttons. Ultimately, only you can decide which button configuration is right for your leather blazer, but remember that it’s usually best to leave the bottom button undone, unless it’s a single-button blazer. This allows for a cleaner and more cohesive appearance that compliments your body figure. Leaving the bottom button undone also makes the blazer more comfortable to wear when sitting down. For these reasons and others, it’s best to leave the bottom button undone on your blazer.

Choose the Right Size

A high-quality leather blazer is an investment, and as such, you should treat it that way. Take the time to find the right size when shopping for a leather blazer. If it’s too big, it will look awkward and unattractive. If it’s too small, it may restrict you from moving around, which can be particularly uncomfortable if you’re an active individual who’s always on the go. While you can always roll the dice and “hope” you find the right size leather blazer at your local retail store, a better option is to order it here from LeatherCult. We offer custom sizing on all leather blazers, jackets and other garments at no additional charge. After you’ve found the perfect leather blazer and added to your shopping cart, you can specify your body measurements, which we’ll use to customize your blazer so it fits just right.

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Go Genuine

Don’t be fooled by fake or faux leather blazers. Unfortunately, there are some companies out there who sell blazers made of this artificial leather material. While leather is made of natural animal hide, these materials are made of synthetic materials. As such, they lack the visual characteristics and attractive qualities of leather that make it such as a popular fabric. Faux and fake leather blazers are rough and have an unusual chemical odor to them. Avoid these imitation leather products and stick with the real deal instead. You can expect to pay more for a 100% genuine leather blazer, but again, you have to think of it as an investment: while it costs more than a fake leather blazer, you’ll get more use and enjoyment out of it.

Match with Your Shoes

A good rule of thumb to follow when wearing a leather blazer is to match it with your shoes or footwear. If you’re wearing a traditional brown leather blazer, for instance, pair it with brown shoes. Or if you’re wearing a black leather blazer, pair it with black shoes. This isn’t limited strictly to leather blazers; it applies nearly all forms of coats, jackets and outerwear. By matching your blazer with your shoes, you’ll create a more cohesive appearance in which all of the elements in your outfit flow together. On the other hand, you shouldn’t attempt to wear mismatching colors, such as a brown leather blazer with black shoes.

Choose the Right Shirt Color

In addition to choosing the right color shoes, you should also choose the right color shirt when wearing a leather blazer. Some people assume that it’s best to wear a shirt in the same color as their blazer. In some cases, this may work. In most cases, however, it doesn’t. If you wear a brown leather blazer with a brown shirt, the two garments will blend together to appear as one — and that’s not particularly attractive. Instead, try wearing a shirt in a color that contrasts with the color of your leather blazer. A black leather blazer with a white t-shirt is a simple yet stunning combination there’s sure to turn heads.


You don’t have to limit yourself to only wearing crew-neck shirts and tops with a leather blazer. Many professional stylists actually recommend v-neck cuts because it draws attention to your upper body and blazer. Of course, v-neck shirts are also more comfortable to wear during the summer. As the temperatures become warmer and warmer, you may find it uncomfortable to wear multiple layers, especially with crew-neck shirts. A v-neck shirt, however, is a cooler alternative that’s guaranteed to keep you more comfortable during this time of year.

Jeans or Trousers?

For pants, you really have one of two options from which to choose when wearing a leather blazer: you can wear jeans or trousers. Jeans are obviously more casual, while trousers are more formal. With that said, you can still wear jeans as part of a semi-formal outfit. The key thing to remember is that you should choose a darker denim color, such as indigo. Dark-colored jeans with a genuine leather blazer is an excellent combination, regardless of the season or time of year.