Storing a Leather Jacket For The Summer

Storing a Leather Jacket For The Summer

The hot summer season is right around the corner (June 21, FYI), which means you probably won’t be wearing your leather jacket for quite a while — not until fall rolls around. Until then, you should find a suitable area to store your leather jacket, keeping it safe and protected from the elements.

Unfortunately, far too many people overlook the importance of properly storing their leather jacket. They assume it can be hung in their bedroom closet just like any other garment. While this may not cause any immediate damage, there’s a better and safer solution to storing leather garments for long periods of time.


First and foremost, be conscious of the humidity in the room or part of your home where you intend to store the leather jacket. Humidity — the amount of moisture vapor in the air — can wreck havoc on leather, saturating it to the point where it begins to rot. This rarely happens, however, unless the leather is stores in a highly humid area, such as the attic or basement.

Note: if the humidity in your home is above 40%, consider using a dehumidifier to lower it. Dehumidifiers can be purchased for less than $100 bucks, which is a small price to pay to keep your leather jacket preserved.

Acid-Free Papers

Before storing your leather jacket, you should wrap it in acid-free paper. What’s the purpose of this? Well, there are a few benefits to using acid-free paper, one of which is the simple fact that it serves as a barrier of protection against moisture, dust, dirt and bugs. Furthermore, wrapping your leather jacket in paper will help to retrain its shape.

Choose a Breathable Container

Don’t make the mistake of wrapping your leather jacket in a garbage bag. Leather garments should only be stored in some type of breathable bag. You can use a special leather jacket storage bag, or you can create your own “breathable bag” by poking holes into it. The bottom line is that air must be able to pass through it.


So, where should you store your leather jacket? As long it’s placed in an environment that’s not too moist but not too dry, it should be fine. I recommend hanging it in a spare bedroom closet where it’s not going to get knocked around by other clothes. When the fall season rolls around, you can take it back out and enjoy your leather jacket.